Vw Analysis

Background of VolkswagenVolkswagen, often abbreviated to VW, is one of the well-known German auto makers across the world. The company locates in the Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. The name Volkswagen means “People’s car” in German language. Volkswagen mostly involve with manufacturing luxury models for the upper class of the society, and it is the car which saves oil, drives fun, and longest durability. The most important thing is cheapness. In November 2009, Volkswagen surpassed Toyota and became the world’s largest car manufacturing group in terms of production. Recent year Annual report

During the year of 2010, VW expanded plant on new high-growth segments with attractive vehicles such as the Beetle, the Golf Cabriolet, and the GTI and it significantly increase the sales capability. According to the annual report of 2010, both of the units of vehicle sales and production were one million more than the year before.

Sales revenue climbed by 20.6% compare to the year 2009. Moreover, the net income increased from 1082 million Euros to 1550 million Euros which is equal to 43.3% rose from year 2009 to the year 2010. Furthermore, dividends increased form 1.6 Euro per share to 2.2 Euro per share: this signal VW group has made a significant process. As a result, all of these performances are higher than the overall market. Future programs

VW has made many plans including short term program and long term program. The largest investment program in VW Company is investing more than 62 billion Euros in environmentally friendly technologies. They also plan invest money in new vehicles in developing markets by using existing factories. In addition, VW will continue remain the leading position in China with another investment of 14 billion Euros.