Voting in America

The power of the people to dictate the direction that the society will take was written into the constitution. In 1788, each citizen of this land was granted the right to have a say in how the country would continue to exist for centuries to come. We, the people, exercise that sovereign power granted to us each time that we cast a vote on any matter that directly affects our sociopolitical situation. Voting in this country has undergone tremendous debates stemming from the time when we were a colony of the British.

As a nation, the right to vote started as a restricted franchise. The right to vote has been historically discussed in regards to whom will be granted the privilege to vote. Voting was then an option that was in no way connected a person’s citizenship or human rights but rather as a business decision decided upon by the males of the upper crust society. These days, the right to vote has been taken for granted and the historical significance of the right to vote or suffrage, which our ancestors fought long and hard for, has been seemingly all forgotten.

Morally speaking, one must never forget that we have a social responsibility to safeguard our interests and make sure that our government does not ever trample on the rights protected for the people by the constitution. The right to vote is morally significant for us as a nation because it proves that we are capable of governing ourselves and have an effective system of check and balance in places. These aforementioned reasons solidify the logical importance of voting in America. Logic dictates that in order to accomplish the historical and moral objectives of suffrage, we must exercise our right to vote.

Voting is an exercise in thinking and weighing our options as the winners of the votes hold the delicate balance of freedom and fascism of our nation in their hands. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the significance of these 3 aspects in even greater detail. Historically speaking, this nation and its society evolved and continue to improve over centuries of citizens constantly casting their votes on ideas that shaped the country. It is the way we let the government know what we think of the way they run the nation. Each vote cast is the voice of a person that wants to be heard.

Daniel Webster, best described the moral importance of each American person’s vote. He said: “If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for the selfish or local purposes. ” These days, the voting population has seen a steady decline with each voting year that passes. People are losing interest in the one way they can show approval or disapproval of the way the country is run. We get the kind of government we deserve.

This government is not put into power, nor taken out of power because we join street protests. No, we put them there by voting for them and we take them out by not voting for them. It is our moral obligation to vote wisely and set a proper example as an enlightened voter for the next generation of voters to come. There is a new breed of American voters populating the 21st century. We now use logic and analysis before casting a vote for a politician, law, or cause. The right to vote is an important democratic institution that encompasses all the branches of government.

We must fiercely guard our vote if we are to continue to live as free people whose opinion counts in the country we live in. Voting is what has defined us as a united society for centuries. This historic struggle to allow the common man’s voice to be heard by casting the ballot was an uphill struggle for our forefathers. We should always keep that struggle in mind and keep their legacy alive by casting our vote and making sure that our agreement or disagreement with the lawmakers is heard in unison. Morally, we must be forced to analyze our current situations and choose how we want to continue and affect lives.

Voting is not an exercise that is done just for the heck of it. It is an act that has worldwide repercussions if cast mistakenly in support of the wrong cause. Logic therefore dictates that voting is a duty never to be taken lightly. The decisions we make today collectively as a nation has far reaching and life long ramifications for us as well as the future generation of Americans. Logic reminds us that casting that all-important vote will forever change the face of the nation we have come to know both politically and socially

Voting tells our government our opinion of how they are running the nation. Therefore, the votes cast must reflect the importance of this historic act that reflects the moral beliefs of the voter as he analyzes it in a highly logical and analytical manner.

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