Voter rights

Identification a voter is required to produce before voting – in New Mexico Voters are not allowed to vote unless they produce a proof of identification. The voting laws recognize the following as the proof for identification: An original or a photo copy of a bank statement, utility bill, pay check, government check, current utility bill, student identification card, government check, bank check, pay check or any document from the government including IDs given by India tribal government or a pueblo indicating the address and name of the applicant.

The address should not be the same as the one in the registration certificate of the voter. Or he can produce an original or a photocopy of the most recent and valid photograph with an address or with out an address. The address should not be the same as the one in the registration certificate of the voter. Other forms of identification which is acceptable are a written or a verbal statement by the voter, about his or her name, date and year of birth, and an address which is registered, as long as the in that statement the names of the voter are not in initials or do not have initials in the middle.

Incase the voter has failed to produce a proof of identification the voter will not be allowed to vote. . (New Mexico State Election laws 2008) Moving within the county – New Mexico election laws stipulates that any voter who has changed his or her residence will be required to fill registration certificate to show the new changes in his address. The law stipulates that the voter will vote using a provisional ballot paper, even if she or he is not in his or her registered polling station.

The vote will be counted by the county council who will ensures that the vote has been cast according to the measures that they were supposed to meet. (New Mexico State Election laws 2008) A person who moves from one county to another will be required to cancel his certificate of voter’s registration before being allowed to fill a new certificate. The voter will fill new certificate of registration for his new county.

(New Mexico State Election laws 2008) The New Mexico laws allows a person to vote on a provisional ballot paper incase is original certificates cannot be traced, or incase his or her name is not reflected on the roasters of signatures, as long as: the person is residing in those boundaries of the county in which they are supposed to vote, he or she has not submitted application to vote in absentia, has to swear an affidavit that is I qualified to vote.

In case the voters have moved from New Mexico to another state or from another state to New Mexico thirty days before elections and are qualified to vote in New Mexico ill only vote for the presidential election and won’t be allowed to vote for another person. (New Mexico State Election laws 2008) People who have committed felony – New Mexico election laws does not allow people who have been convicted with felony to vote unless they have cleared their sentence, that includes probation, parole and prison.

Voter rights in New Mexico – New York also has clear rules on elections that stipulate the rights of voters, these are: they have a right of inspecting by sampling ballot paper before voting; receiving and asking for information on how to go about the voting machine or marking the ballot paper; asking and receiving information on how to go about provisional voting incase the name of the voter is missing on the voters list or incase you forgot your identification; the voters are also allowed free from intimidation from the county clerks; have a right to cast their votes even the time for closing the poll station elapses when the voter is still on line; have a right to vote through emergency incase the voting machine get spoiled, have a right to be assisted by someone whom they have chosen incase they are disabled .