How to Vote in an Automated Election

The Philippines is a developing country. One of the proofs of these developments is the transformation from manual to automated election. New and old voters might have a little information or even nothing at all about this high technology used for the elections. Hopefully, this guide on how to vote in an automated election will make the procedure less confusing for the voters. Synchronized National and Local Elections will be in May 13, 2013 as per RA 7166 Sec. 2 and RA 10153. STEP 1: Go to the designated precinct on May 13.

The voter must first find his/her name on the PCVL (Posted Computerized Voters List) posted near the door to determine his/her precinct number and sequence number. The voter must bring a voter’s ID or any valid ID along with the registration stub. Identity of the voter must then be verified by the Bureau of Election Inspector (BEI). STEP 2: How to use the ballot Listen carefully to the instructions of the BEI Chairman on how to properly fill up the ballot. Secrecy folder and a marking pen will be given by the Comelec.

Only one ballot will be provided per voter. See to it that the ballot is clean. The oval beside the name of the chosen candidate must be completely shaded. STEP 3: Feed the ballot to the PCOS PCOS stands for Precinct Count Optical Scan machine. The voter will be the one to feed the ballot to the machine. Wait for confirmation or until the ballot is dropped into the semi-transparent box of the machine. If rejected, ask for the assistance of the BEI. The voter should return the secrecy folder and marking pen to the assigned person in the precinct.

STEP 4: Go to the BEI for indelible inking The voter will then proceed to the BEI for the putting of indelible ink at the base of the right forefinger nail, then affix thumb mark in the space in the Election Day Computerized Voters List (EDCVL). Written by: Neljohn Michael A. Acenas BSEE-2B REFERENCES: Commission on Election http://www. comelec. gov. ph/ Dado, Lauren “How to Vote in an Automated Election. ” Philippine Online Chronicles Esem05 “Manual Election or Automated Election. ” StudyMode. com. 10 2012. 10 2012.