Volstead Act

It has come to my attention that since the introduction of the 'Volstead Act' of 1919 illegal alcohol consumption has increased. I myself was for the introduction of this act. At the beginning I felt it was working increasingly well. I did not notice any problems with its introduction. That was until recently. You probably have noticed the complete lack of support from the public, especially from the younger generations and their total lack of respect for the law! I have noticed retaliation also from the immigrants, they were graciously accepted into this country, and how do they show their gratitude?

That's right! By breaking the law. Its not just a few people, its entire states. Living in New York myself, I have been subjected to the vast growing corruption that is displayed almost everywhere I walk. I have friends in many other states, mainly in the north. However, none the less I hear of the same happenings going on there as the ones I have to face. It fills me with utter disgust! Every day I hear of a new 'speak easy' being set up. I try to ignore this constant breach of the law, but I think you can agree when I say its difficult to ignore, especially when everywhere I look I see more and more of it.

Alcohol has been imported illegally across boarders. People have got into their possession many alcoholic beverages such as rum. They have got this from rumrunners from the West Indies. Whiskey has been smuggles in from Canada, and they fact that this can happen worries me greatly. I also hope you are aware of the domestic production of alcohol. Moonshine I believe they call it. These are then sold, and transported secretly by 'bootleggers' they are cleverly concealed under their garments and delivered directly to your door.

They are made up of the most unbelievable concoctions! In fact there has been ill use of industrial alcohol, alter wine and even alcohol for medicinal purposes. I have been informed that people using the industrial alcohol have not diluted it sufficiently and therefore causing blindness, severe paralysis and in many cases, death! Every year almost 5000 people have died due to the bad effects of this liquor! I personally feel it is not worth letting your country subject themselves to the dangerous risk of the ridiculous concoctions they are consuming!

Although I believe the people breaking the 18th Amendment should not be let off easily, I have to admit, they are not all to blame. It has come to my attention that those there to enforce the law, such as the Prohibition Agents are not being the loyal employees they should be! Prohibition Agents have been threatened and bribed, and they worse thing is, they have accepted these bribes and allowed alcohol into our country! The amount of Agents patrolling the Canadian border and coastline is insufficient to the amount of border there is to cover.

Therefore there is some alcohol able to pass into our country, regardless to the Prohibition Agent's efforts. The denial of alcohol has also resulted in an increase in gangs and violence! They are everywhere! The mafia and Al Capone are taking prohibition for granted. They are making millions of dollars on the illegal sale of alcohol. The conflict between these gangs is phenomenal. We are all aware of this conflict, and the result of it! The St. Valentines Day Massacre shocked us all, and it worries me knowing that this is happening so frequently and so close by.

It's amazing how they can get away with this! I however am very aware of how these happenings can be got away with, through corruption! It is diabolical that the enforcers of the law can give into such acts. These people include politicians, policemen and judges. These people are also hypocrites! How can judges have the conscience to sit up on the judge's bench and not feel one pang of shame in sentencing someone for accepting a bribe, when he knows he has done the exact same thing! It sickens me! However, corruption is not enough for these gangs, they expand their power further.

They racketeer. They force businessmen to pay them to protect their businesses. If they deny their 'generous' offer they will destroy their business regardless. So they businessmen are in a lose-lose situation. If the ban is lifted then your country's desperate need for alcohol will be met, but people will be consuming it legally and it will be a much lower risk to their health and welfare. Although lifting the ban is much easier said than done, it will be much safer, and worth it in the long run! I feel that if our law enforcers cannot keep to the law, there is a problem.

If there are 5000 deaths a year due to alcohol poisoning then there is a problem. If the mafia are making millions and gaining more respect than our government then once again there is a problem. If the courts and legal systems are being littered with 75% breech of prohibition cases and the number of prohibition related arrests doubling then there is a problem and finally if the leader of this country, President Harding, cannot even abide to the law, then there is definitely a problem! This therefore, brings me to the end, and I urge you to think about it! Is it really worth it?