Violent Crimes: Perception of Violence

The recent events that took place in the international community have attracted the attention and even the sense of fear among many people. These events specifically pertain to the acts of terrorism that have been observed in various countries even in developed ones like the United States of America. The 9/11 terrorist attacks greatly exemplified this acts of terror. In relation to this, the concept of violence is often discussed synonymously with the idea of terrorism.

This is due to the fact that most terrorists used violence in order to further their objectives and obtain what they want. Being the case, have many descriptions because of people’s different perception when it comes to this subject matter. These perceptions tend to vary according to the individual backgrounds and belief of a person or group of people. Violence is often defined as “intense, turbulent, or furious often destructive force; vehement feeling or expression” (Peters, 1975). Violence is often brought into the senses of many people through different medium.

However, the recent advancement in technology gives way for perpetrators of violence to reach through other people easily by means of radio, television, and newspapers. Those who result to acts of violence can acquire instant attention coming from the world, for themselves as well as the causes that they are fighting for. Perpetrators of violence introduce a new form of violent acts that are even more spectacular and lucrative imitate the criminal acts that are done by someone idealistic few (Peters, 1975).

In order to understand the various perception that people have toward violence, different factors must be taken due consideration. People should be stratify based upon their age, religious or ethnic groups, and the causes espoused of the objectives that they want to achieve. It is also important to give attention to the conditions that individuals are in when they engage in acts of violence. Moreover, violence could also be further explain by describing the types of conflict situations and the violent strategies done in order to address the state of their affairs (Peters, 1975).

The usual reaction of most people when it comes to the concept of violence is often met with great fear, terror, and a strong sense of disapproval. The kind of violence that most people are thinking of in this case is the different violent crimes that tend to harm people without a justified purpose. The reason behind the action of the perpetrators of violence in this type of situation is usually for personal gains that are most of the time against the law. This could be exemplified by theft that often leads to murder, gang fights, and other forms of violent crimes.

In this sense, violence is perceived to have a selfish motive that only satisfies the needs or desires of a person or few people. Being the case, this perception of violence harmful to more people because it has a destructive rather than constructive purpose. On the other hand, there are also violent acts that are perceived to be justifiable. This is most observable in terms of the defenders of security in a particular country like the policemen, military, marines, and other specialized task force unit.

People who belonged to these aforementioned professions are responsible in helping the government to protect and safeguard the rights of the people. They also see to it that any possible threat to the security of their country and its people is dealt with properly. These law enforcers do not usual result to violent acts but they only do it as a last resort or when the situation calls for them to use their firearms to address the problem. Lastly, confusion in the perception of violence also happens. This kind of situation often takes place between the idea of being freedom fighters and terrorists.

Freedom fighters pertain to a group of people who are after the welfare of a large number of people that are often victimized by abusive dictatorial regimes. Some people also consider vigilantes as freedom fighters because they do violent acts to seek justice against people who are contributing harm and ill to society. However, there is a thin line that separates freedom fighters from terrorists because the basis for distinguishing one group from the other is through the motive of their actions, which is sometimes very difficult to identify.

Nevertheless, one clear distinction that separates them is the fact that freedom fighters will only result to violence after they have exhausted all the possible amicable methods unlike terrorists whose main mode of operation is violence itself (Peters, 1975). Reference Peters, D. (1975). A Perception of Violence. Retrieved February 21, 2009, from http://www. pubmedcentral. nih. gov/picrender. fcgi? artid=1863679&blobtype=pdf.