Violent crimes Analysis Paper Example

The other main area of violent acts that are conducted towards women is of course sexual abuse. Again with this type of violent crime, such as rape, we never get the full story, because so many women are ashamed about the incident in question, and many times the incidents don't actually come to light. It has only really been within the last two decades that women have really felt comfortable bringing this to light in the public eye. Obviously with more and more women now coming forward to give evidence of violent acts being committed against them, we are beginning to see the bigger picture.

Domestic abuse is no longer something that can be ignored and now many things are being done about it, such as refuges for 'battered women,' and also the women's freedom league, this however was originally formed in October 1907. 5 Unfortunately it took a few women who were brave enough to go to their respective authorities to kick-start a generation of women who are not afraid to stand up and admit that they have been victims of violent acts, whether it be in the streets or at home.

In addressing the second part of the essay we have already begun to touch most of the points that we need to look at in the third part of the essay, this being; who are the perpetrators of these acts of violence and also what is the response of the victims? In looking at domestic crime it is fairly obvious who the perpetrators are. In fact in most cases of violent acts towards women the perpetrators are generally males. This again is unsurprising, and also goes back to what was said before about women being the physically weaker sex.

Also the response of the victims has been covered, but a little more should be said about this. Firstly, if it were not for the response of the victims we would not have criminal investigations to look at, which in turn would make it impossible to learn more about such acts of violence, not only towards women but also all other types of crime which occur. As has been already said, domestic crime and rape are two key areas that have not been reported so readily as others, because of the victims' opposition to bring to the public light the ordeals that they went through, which is totally understandable.

In most domestic cases when the female partner does report the incident to the police there is little that can be done about it if there are no other witnesses, as a previous quote has shown, Restraining orders can be taken out against the offending partner, but only minimal charges will be brought about, except in special circumstances, when the violent act conducted was seriously life threatening. From looking at the above three areas that make up the essay, we can see that the main areas where we should be concerned about violence directed towards women is in either domestic cases or when looking at sexual abuse.

Of course women do fall victims to other types of malicious attacks, such as muggings, burglary, car theft, etc. All of which happen to everybody, yet when these acts are put into the perspective of violent acts directed towards women it becomes hard to differentiate between acts against males and females. This is where criminal investigations can help. We can see from such investigations what percentages apply to each sex, and in the majority of cases will be male perpetrators directing attacks on females. It plainly boils down to the fact that women are seen as far easier targets than men.

But what is to be done, is it just a fact of life that women will always fall victim to such violent attacks from men? This maybe the case, but without women coming forward and admitting that such acts have occurred and reporting them to whoever it concerns nothing will be done, and no one will learn from what has happened. Crimes of violence directed towards women will always be a plague to human kind, but unfortunately it will never be completely eradicated, just as crime itself will never be completely eradicated.

However, through research into criminal investigations we can learn how to spot patterns and in turn begin to prevent such violent crimes being committed. This being the same for other crimes as well. We will never be free of violent crimes, but it is important to acknowledge the fact that we can learn from past acts of violent crime so that in future we can start to bring it to an end, or at the very least, slow the growing rate of violent crimes.