Violent crime in the United States

Violent crimes or crimes of violence are the crimes where by the offenders uses and threatens through the use of violent forces to the victims. This mainly includes either cases where by the violent acts may be the objective or cases where the violent acts may be the means to the end e. g. murder and robbery respectively. There may the use or no use of weapons during the execution of violent crimes. Rape is violent crime victims are mostly females whereas the males are the primary targets victims of violent crimes of all sort.

In the United States, the violent acts of crime are categorized into four main categories; these include aggravated assault, forcible rape, robbery and non-negligent manslaughter and murder. The major causes of violent crimes in the United States are; poverty, unemployment, crime and race, the social environment, family issues and juvenile delinquency and leaking legal system. The major cause of violent crime is failed families.

This problems needs to fixed because it results to negative effects in families, community and the State, more negative emotional impact are realized on the offenders and the victims. As a step to end the violent crime, all the government programs needs to be reviewed and a focus on the religious and family issues to cease the breaking of families WHY SOCIETY NEEDS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM Violent crimes need to be reduced in the United States because of its impacts in the society.

A violent crime may occur within duration of few seconds but the victims remains traumatized for the whole of his life time. This results to emotional breakdown and nights of nightmare to the victim. The offender may end up being convicted and jailed , meaning that he will also have his share of stress and trauma, even if not arrested he will also remain traumatized. The victims of the violent crimes are those mainly at the age of 25, this will mean that incase these victims are killed, many American productive lives will be lost and will lead to economic loss to the country.

There is a reduction of the society welfare in the races associated with the violent crimes especially the African Americans. The government also uses a lot of resources in fighting violent crimes which could have otherwise been used in the development programs. There is a general reduction in the labor supply and reduced number of marriageable black males’ dues to their involvement in the violent crime besides many of them dieing as a result of homicide. TRUE CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM

In the United States of America the congress consisting of the lawmakers have a thought that violent crimes are as a result of material conditions which associate violent crime with the poverty, low education background, lack of employment chances and inadequately and disorganized social programmes. This makes it hard for the policy makers to make sound policies since in addition they attach the violent crimes with decayed moral values, irresponsibility in the family by the parents due to lack of attachment, love and respects and as a result of inappropriate community relationships.

Generally it’s accepted by the US central government that the violent crime rate in the US is as result of poverty. The other major cause of violent crime is race even though after a closer look at the real scenario, the base of the cause is the family structure, where by the black families have higher chances of breaking and more are broken in comparison to those of the whites and this ends up associating the blacks with crime due to single parenthood.

Studies have should that the is high crime rate in single parented families in both whites and black families , but since the blacks are the majority poor, crime is eventually associated with race. The major causes of violent crime from members of a family are due to the following factors: o Broken family o Fatherless families o Absence of mothers love o Domestic violence and parental fighting o Child being rejected o Child being neglected and abused by the parents o The parents being associated with crime.

o The parents not being able to properly discipline and supervise their children. Child delinquency is another cause of violent crimes because when children are enrolled in schools, depending with their background these children are aggressive and become rejected by other children, some form gangs which turn into future gangs than engage in crimes after finding compatible friends. But child delinquency is as a result of irresponsible and ineffective parents who make their children to be rejected by their peers resulting to deviant behavior besides the unfriendly social environment.

Another cause of delinquency is school drop, peer group influence and the collapse of the family and society values. HOW IT WILL FIX THE PROBLEM It will be of paramount importance to cut down and end the negative impacts of the violent crime. It widely know by all most al Americans that family cohesion, affection and the parental guidance can contribute to reduction of the violent crimes, specifically, maternal affection, father’s respect and esteem for the mother, parents self confidence will highly contribute to contribution of a balanced family with disciplined children.

Parents should also ensure that they are law binding and morally upright sop as to set a good example to their children which also ensure that the socially acceptable traditions are preserved. The society should be encouraged to get involved in religious practices since religion has n inverse relationship to violent or any form of criminal act. Good family relationships should also be encouraged besides the children being encouraged to relate well with their peers so that there is no rejection within themselves.

In general all the society institutions such as the schools and the churches should be restored to reduce crime. Just like the President JKF Kennedy inspired many youths to serve others abroad, today’s politicians should encourage the youth too positively besides giving the nation a positive vision in terms of family values and society life. The government should investigate in to the root causes of violent crimes, all the social programmes should be reviewed, a geographical mapping in terms of crime rates and causes needs to be set up to investigate the causes and solutions to the problem.

Relationships between crime and social conditions need to be established to aid in reducing the crimes. Researches need to be carried to ensure that the children from single parented families and those from problematic families are socially competent in future. Community based programmes should be set up to assist the troubled families and children and the legislation that was introduced by Representative J. Talent (R-MO) and Senator L. Faircloth (R-NC)i. e. (H. R. 4566 and S.2134) during the 103rd Congress should be adopted.

Promotion of leadership ideas is preferred in place of the national funding. More police officers need to be recruited, sex and legal system needs to be reformed with introduction of automatic Fingerprint System and extensive DNA database beside better equipping the police to be able to track and overpower the violent criminal, CONCLUSION The problem of violent crime needs to be sorted very fast to reduce the negative effect in the society.

The society, non-governmental organizations and the federal government should all collectively join hands together top fight the common enemy in the society for the better of the nation otherwise the future of the nation will be very dull when the crime rate rises beyond the current level. If not controlled the productive population and investors will pull out of US since they will be at a risk of being victims of violent crimes and the government will spend more resources unnecessary in building more jails and rehabilitation centers. REFERENCES

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