Violence between Mexican Mafia Gangs and Texas Syndicate in Prison

The methods stated above should be the best methods in tackling the challenge for good. In the event that these do not work however, the separation would have to be used as a last resort. Byrne (2007) notes that in any situation of prison violence, there is always the victim, the perpetrator and the catalyst or the basis of the violence. He further suggests that by eliminating one of these three components, violence can be eliminated.

Separation of the two rival groups is therefore a tactic that could work in reducing the levels of violence in prison. The Mexican Mafia members and Texas Syndicate could be held in separate units such that the chances of getting involved in violent behavior is minimized. I would separate their activities so that each would have their own recreation ground and their own side of the utility and dining rooms. With little contact between the two groups, the occurrence of violence is bound to reduce significantly.

Prison violence between the Texas Syndicate and the Mexican Mafia is a phenomenon that has escalated over the years but could be eliminated with proper dedication on the part of the prison staff. Inmate cooperation is an important aspect which can only be gained through dialogue and cultivating trust among the prisoners. If they understand that they are of the same nationality and should not be fighting, there could be a change in Texas prisons and the whole of the US prison system as a whole. I suggest isolation as a last resort although this would come after all other strategies have failed.

This is because isolation may bring more hatred and rivalry between the groups. Should these strategies work out, prisons would be a much safer place for both prisoners and the prison staff. Word Count: 1491 Bibliography Byrne, J. , Taxman, F. & Hummer, D. (2007). The Culture of Prison Violence. Prentice Hall. Hudson, Donald. (2009). Interview on prison gang violence on 11th June, 2009. Texas State. Specter, D (2006). Making Prisons Safe: Strategies for Reducing Violence. Journal of Law and Policy. 22(125): 125-134.