Vimy Ridge Battle Analysis

A Canadian Perspective – Reactions at Home. The Battle of Vimy Ridge. The First World War,The Great War, undoubtedly consists of many battles.Some of them important some less so,but every one of them carried its own significance.One such battle was the Battle of Vimy Ridge.Though not considered as significant as the main Batlle of Arras by most countries of the Triple Antante, it was received with a special sensation by the people of Canada.”Canadians Lead in Triumph 5816 Enemyes in British Net”- reports the headline of The Globe.The battle itself is covered with a great deal of pride in the article :

” Guns of the heaviest calibre,…,Pound German Out of Recognition- Enemy tries in vain to Blind eyes of the attacking armies”. The article even tells a story of a Canadian soldier killing his enemy with a helmet while descibing the spirit of the Canadian infantry.The number of casualties is not anounced in the article but is mentioned as being “suprisingly light”, despite the number of Canadian casualties being more than 10,000.In another issue of the Globe canadian soldiers share their expirience during the batlle in an article named “All Over Them In Few Minutes”.One of the interviewed soldiers describes the enemy as being highly incompitent :

“The first one I pinned was so dumbfounded he hardly got his bayonet up.He will never lift another.A second one spat and swore, but I`ve seen month-old recruits put up a better show at high parry and low”. Another issues described Prime Minister Boarden`s pride as he climed the Ridge days after the victorious battle :”All Canada will be filled with pride by this glorious achievement of our expiditionary force”.And another issues of the Globe calls the battle a “crushing disaster” for Germany. As we can see, the coverage of the battle is highly positive.Which makes absolute sense as the the goverment was interested in maintainig high spirits in the country,which would in-turn increase production and bolster the ammount of volunteers.