Views on Justice

The picture above best symbolizes my views on justice for the common good. In general the courts are expected to be impartial and fair institutions in a system of good governance, it should through this method be a system that can uphold the rule of law and protect human rights. Justice is symbolized through lady justice, blindfolded, holding a pair of scales and wielding a double edged sword.

The blindfold represents justice being blind to all outside sources like money, power or political views; Even-handedness. The pair of scales represents truth and fairness balancing the two appropriately, which I find would be hard to do if one is not candor. The double edged-sword is there to be wielded for either party which stands before lady justice and it represents the power of reason and justice. What does justice mean to you?

Justice means to me the moral act of determining the outcome of a situation by truthfulness and fairness, apolitical decisions without the influence of money and corrupt power or just natural laws or human nature to know the difference of right and wrong, justice can be delivered to one who might be a bully in a school yard, you would not punish him through the courts but rather teach a harsh lesson or a lesser punishment to those of violent nature which would receive a more severe punishment. Where do you see justice carried out around you?

I see justice carried out very often in the neighbourhoods of my community, a lot of youth look up to the wrong individuals and end up in the wrong mind frame of what’s good and bad. Justice is always around, just watch out the window and you’ll see the police raids and the random spot checks on the streets. i don’t believe the law is out to hurt those kids but only bring them back down to reality and teach those minds the right way of living one’s life. Justice has its one way of working in our community but if u watch with open eyes you will see how justice is carried out around us and how it how it does seem to help people.

Where do you see the miscarriage of justice? Where I’m from i never seen such a case where someone has been wrongfully convicted. I have done some research and found people that have went through the miscarriage of justice and found out that with today’s technology, DNA testing has cleared many people that have been wrongfully convicted. I believe the reasons why i have not witnessed the miscarriage of justice is i was born into a age where this technology already existed and has improved so much since the age i could understand these situations, that wrongful convictions are very rare.

Do you see the world as essentially just or unjust? It’s obvious that today’s world is unjust, look at the facts. More than 20% of the world lives in poverty, the infant mortality rate of over 2. 5 million that live in low income countries are 100 deaths for every 1000 live births, the gap between the rich and poor has increased dramatically, the living lavishly rich Americans and Canadians are more concerned about where to go on vacation, where to eat or where to meet their personal trainers when it’s obvious we live in an unjust world and have duties in justice to make things better.