Victimless Crimes Outline

Should “victimless crimes (such as prostitution or other sexual behaviors between consenting adults, or growing/using marijuana or other similarly classed drugs) be free from governmental interference? Although, some people disagree with the government interfering in personal decisions such as this, the majority agrees and feels as if the government should take more action with the issues at hand. Drug abuse is causing major health problems in the U.S today.

The choice of prostitution as a “victimless crime” is up in the air and is still being debated but, should still be eliminated. There are many issues that some feel as if they are not that important that are considered to be “victimless crimes”. If there is no interference on these “victimless crimes” as such, the upcoming generation is at risk for things they have no control over at all.

A. Drug abuse is becoming a major health problem, it causes harm to the user and the public not matter what day in age you are. 1. Drug abuse at any age can cause serious health effects, but teens who abuse drugs are at particular risk for negative consequences. 2. Increased risk of social problems, depressions suicidal thoughts and violence. 3. Drug use erodes human potential in life.

B. Prostitution is the ultimate victimless crime. 1. Prostitution creates a terrible outlook on one’s neighborhood and just the community in general. 2. Prostitution involves emotional and spiritual damage to one’s life. 3. Promiscuity is the sign of the devil and to do this “bad thing” and actually get paid for it is immoral. 4. Spreading of diseases.

C. Society has created a formal framework of laws to prohibit these types of conduct, but yet it still goes on and the states that do legalize it should revoke that law. 1. Prostitution is illegal in the U.S, but the consequences of getting caught are not threatening enough for the crime to cease. 2. Nevada is the only state that legalizes prostitution.

D. Drunk driving and its role it plays with “victimless crimes”. 1. Drunk driving cause harm and damage and is becoming a common problem these days. 2. Drunk drivers have no control over anything; the alcohol makes them completely powerless.

E. Opposing side: The minority of the population feel as if the government should have absolutely no say so. 1. The oldest argument regarding victimless crimes is personal freedom. If the individuals involved are consenting adults, they should be free in democratic society to engage in these behaviors, even if that conduct may not be the best choice. 2. Some feel as if “victimless crimes” harm no one else, except the individuals who are involved who made the choice to include themselves in. a. They feel as if the law cannot begin to prohibit so many potentially harmful practices, so it should not forbid other practices that are less socially acceptable.

Conclusion: Victimless Crimes have been and will continue to be a never ending battle. Although, both arguments have a point to a certain extent the government needs to put this particular issue to a complete stop.