Victimless Crime

The victimless crime can also be termed as consensual crime. It is one type of indirect threat to the privacy of innocent people that are lived in the society. In fact such people may not make report against such victimless crime. Because they are not direct victims and such crime is not initiated to the targeted victims. The victimless crime is not defined in jurisprudence. It is a political term. A crime is an infraction of law. The laws are intended to protect the people from the criminal act.

So the criminal act is supposed to have a victim. The victimless crimes include consensual crimes, suicide/drug use rimes, crimes that born in society but without direct victim and non-human entities like governments. The best example of victimless crime is possession of drugs. MEANING AND ACTION Such type of crimes cannot be discovered unless the police to look for them. The victimless includes such crimes like illegal gambling, drug use, selling sex etc. The victimless crimes are illegal acts where the victims found as offenders.

The victimless crimes are established to take control on social relations particularly in lower classes. Various efforts and resources should be resorted to prevent such members of the public from doing victimless crimes. In fact the victimless crime may be harmful to the user of its own, but the public at large may suffer though they are not targeted. Many of the public suffering with cases like drug abuse, dangerous sports, unusual sex, illegal parties, alternative medicines etc that are not approved by the State/Country.

But the government may act in these cases like imposing fines, confiscation of property, imprisonment, liquidation of business of the wrong doer etc. Victimless crime is such crime which does not physically harm any person or property. As long as physically harm any person or property, no other persons should not make complaint against the wrongdoer. Presently more than 350,000 people are in US jails for consensual crimes. Since the third persons cannot make against such victimless crime, the government officials must address the victimless crime and should enforce the crime law against the suspects.

Such enforcement also necessary with respect to the protection under Fourth Amendment which indicates the protection to the privacy of innocents. To make protection, some of the following actions will have to be undertaken by the government. 1. Ban on factual sex education 2. Clothing restriction in schools 3. Alcohol & tobacco prohibition 4. Erotica prohibition 5. Loitering laws 6. Drug laws 7. RICO laws CHILD PORNOGRAPHY It is such term that the courts and media use. It is dangerous misnomer which hides the seriousness and abuse.

The term is used to express sexual explicit those who are consenting i. e. adults. However the children neither adults nor they can give legal consent. CONCLUSION This is a type of crime and no harm is done to other people. However it is violation of law and moral standards. Such victimless crime may be cited with the examples of Prostitution, Homosexuality, suicide, abortion, gambling, Exhibitionism etc. The prevention of victimless crime hence should be linked with the community policing where the community participate. Because the government cannot investigate on each person.

It is the responsibility of community to address such persons who are committing the victimless crimes. The role of community is more required by providing the assistance like identifying, counseling the persons, arranging programmes that will explain the damages of crimes etc. In order to reduce the criminal activity several approaches are required. One of the famous approaches is community policing. It is formed with the partnership of the community, government and police. The policy is based that more involvement of community would benefit the society.

Hence the related programmes should be designed and the role of law must be limited in connection with victimless crime.


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