Victimization Of Correctional Officers

Victimization of correctional officers ranks among the most critical issue within the prison system. It is so depressing to say that despite the fact that in today’s world, as Correctional Officers become more professional and began to view offenders and criminals as humans, still nearly everyday we hear about correctional officers fatally stabbed by their inmates or get involved or became victims of trouble within the prison system.

Overcrowding, lack of funding, and depriving our officers of the tools they need to defend themselves, are some factors that will lead to more violence and more lives lost in the correctional setting (Tribune Business News, 2008).

Unfortunately, though, correction has never been and probably never will be a high priority, at either the federal or provincial levels of government. This is reflected by chronic lack of funding and lack of resources when it comes to ensuring that inmates have sufficient access to meaningful and effective forms of assistance.

Often time, these factors lead inmates to demonstrate aggressive behavior and to become combative with the correctional office, thus, the victimization of Correctional Officers takes place. Serious problems occur in prisons around the state. Victimization within the prison system is not only happened to the prisoners but also to Correctional Officers as well. Thus, this research helps the reader be aware of the Victimization of Correctional Officers within the prison system.