Victim of armed robbery

Adam J, 45 lived in Philadelphia. He’s a businessman as was robbed of his valuables from his home. He owned a farm and also founded a marketing company. He was playing with his children when some armed men entered his house at night 8:00 pm. They robbed his mobile phones, gold, jewelry and some cash. He reported to the police of the theft. After few days two officers suspected the defendant and his companions. They were asked to show their identification, the defendant’s violet showed the same traveler’s check and SSC as reported by the victim.

They were arrested. The police called the victim, who at once identified the suspect as one of the robbers who robbed his violet. Murdered John Kenneth, 41, from Abingdon, Va was murdered. He was a landscaper and volunteered his time in detecting criminals. He served in crime solvers hot line. As John was involved in criminal reporting he had different criminal enemies. He was involved in reporting of different cases. A gang involved in his killing was arrested a year ago in which John made a vital role. Child abuse David was put on drugs when he was just 10.

An adult drug abuser kidnapped David from his playground and started giving him narcotics in some kind of sweetened chocolates and candies. David loved to eat those chocolates and candies and gradually became addicted to narcotics and drugs. List of Crimes shown on TV news coverage. Following crimes were shown on TV when it was viewed for 2 hrs. Part IV Summary and Conclusions: What you learned from the assignment. For successful living it is essential the one process his free will, however it has been argued that since black can’t practice their free will to the extent as whites do that leads to the root causes of black crimes.

And liberals think this as their immoral natural force that derives them to this attitude. Many argue that since their self-esteem is high blacks thought of themselves as not able to practice their will and power as whites do have. “The male gang appears to be an important element of black society, making aggressive physical display, which helps determine rank in loose male hierarchy, black-pro-social. The same oppositional defiant body language is disruptive in white society in whose crowded cities constant physical challenge is intolerable, and where hierarchical status is determined by more symbolic displays of dominance/aggression.

” (Levin, 1997) Because in American there is a dominance of European and American culture African American black children in schools and day care center have difficulty in socializing. This is because their cultural values are not supported in these schools and preference is always given to white culture. There are many diverse types of ethnic and religious groups reside in all over the America. Hence, blacks’ living and educational progress has been affected diversely by these cultures especially the dominant one. Male blacks acquiring the company of friends who are less serious towards their studies may have lower grades.

Staying in a company of nonintellectual companions may definitely cause decline in their grades. Such students may waste their time in non-creative activities and may be non-serious in their studies. Less support from families and friends may affect performance at school. “The most common example of police racial profiling is “DWB”, otherwise known as “driving while black”. This refers to the practice of police targeting African Americans for traffic stops because they believe that African Americans are more likely to be engaged in criminal activity.

” (The Definition) The question whether belonging to any particular race can have any worthwhile effects on the performance of students has been under study of innumerable research scholars and social scientists. Though numerous researches have been done in this regard over the past few decades yet the problem remains the same. No measures have been taken to reduce this discrimination. Nothing fruitful has been reached after years of efforts to diminish this dilemma from American society.

In a number of researched studies, researchers have inferred from their findings that race has got tremendous influence on the performance of students in classrooms, but many other studies have found results just contrary to this. For example, studies by Bar-Tal, Goldberg, & Knaani, (1984) and Johnson & Kanoy, (1980) did not show significant differences on attribution scores for males or females. In another study (Johnson & Kanoy, 1980), no significant relationships were found between sex, self-concept, and attribution style among elementary school children.

There are several possible explanations for the existence of positive relations between socio-economic status and academic performance. Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler and Brissie (1987) reported that higher socio-economic status parents attend more to their children’s educational performance because they know that education is an important factor and they are more involved in the schooling of their children. Thus, they play a more active role in supporting school programs than parents of students from lower socio-economic status (Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler & Brissie, 1987).

Effects of socio-demographic factors on attribution style and performance behavior are varied and inconclusive. The question of race is not a single phenomenon rather it is an amalgamation of a multitude of sub factors which need separate attention and analysis. Thus each of those factors demands a separate and independent thorough study to find out causes and solution. “While racial profiling is illegal, a 1996 Supreme Court decision allows police to stop motorists and search their vehicles if they believe trafficking illegal drugs or weapons.

More traffic stops leads to more arrests, which further skews the racial profiling statistics against African Americans. Studies have shown that African Americans are far more likely to be stopped and searched. Are African Americans really committing more crimes or are they just caught more often because the police target them? This is a vicious cycle that even the strictest law enforcement advocates would admit is patently unfair. ” To stop racial profiling Civil rights attorneys recommend that: 1. “Know your rights: you are not required to give permission to police officer to search your car.

You can deny the request – but do so politely. ” 2. “Don’t argue: the police may try to intimidate you. Do not be confrontational and provoke an argument. ” 3. “Get the names of the officers: be sure to get their badge numbers, squad car number, license plate number, and make a note of the location and time of day. ” 4. “File a complaint if you feel you have been mis-treated: contact the ACLU or other civil rights organizations for legal advice. ” Stereotyping in Media The same kind of stereotyping appeared in other shows like “Sitcom”, “Goode Behavior”, ”Homeboys in Outer Space”, “Malcom & Eddie”, “Sparks”.

In one form or another, the black community has been obsessed for their culture and color on & off the screen. “It has to have an impact. When Bill Cosby rails against the negative influence of morons and minstrels in black comedies, he’s speaking out of self-interest: He wants people to watch his version of black comedy. He also happens to be right. ” (Bianco) Most of the black characters are usually ridiculed for any of their set backs or made the point of humor. They’re shown as fat and whatever they do as funny. In show, “Malcom,” a fat black man is made point of fun when he can’t read poetry well.

Same kind of ridiculed characters were shown in other shows like Goode, when a professor is ridiculed for his tea party. In media, black characters are chosen either as criminals or for comedy and usually offered sub-characters. Males and females characters are shown as crazy for sexy desires and lust of worldly life. This kind of stereotyping appears in many comedy shows, where black characters are usually ridiculed and made the point of amusement. Laughter and humor is produced by targeting every black character and showing them either illiterate or less imaginative or less intelligent.

In addition, their image is ridiculed by choosing either fat or short stature characters. Throughout history, whites were the dominant race and blacks were kept subservient to keep them obedient to their white lords. Institution of slavery was to keep labor cheap; it was driven by racism to keep them below standards for the personal benefits and use of white masters. After being stolen from Africa and traded illegally to American these slaves were beaten fiercely by their masters and owners, and were treated as very low category people. With increase in trade of Black slaves to America, racial issues start taking their deep roots.

White Americans started taking certain measures to hold their superior position and Black’s inferior position to win authority on them. New laws were formed with legal rights of white man over Blacks, specifically, Black females that deprived Black’s basic rights even over their bodies and souls. In addition to what law provided to White man, these slaveholders took certain actions and measures to make slaves more dependant on Whites and to keep them subordinate on the White community.


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