Vegas migrants

Dr. Pimentel (2000) in a study however revealed that people seeking food aid are the homeless people and half of them are Black Americans. Despite the presence of jobs, people are earning less and less while food consumption is the same according to Pimentel. Similarly Pimentel added that there is a need to conserve on water and improving the natural habitat and the ecological health of rivers. A cataclysmic environmental problem is already penetrating the country caused by organic and chemical pollution.

A booming population that caters in to an influx of illegal immigrants exacerbates the depletion of the natural resources drastically and can no longer sustain the needs of a rising population. The Dept. of Agriculture study revealed that America’s effort at conservation is falling short as every bit of land and natural resource with no additional improvement tries to address the needs of families building new homes. Beck added that a smart growth and good population density can never be acquired if we have a high population growth.

Everyone will be eaten by the urban sprawl similar to what Nevada is now experiencing with its polluted air, serious traffic jams and crime problems due to Vegas migrants. Likewise, the once rural areas are slowly being filled-up as communities with higher taxes are slowly left out in favor areas which require lesser tax dues. Controversies widened the chasm between the separatists and reformists with the passage of Sensenbrenner’s Immigration Enforcement Bill under H. R. 4437 in 2005.

As a means to improve the nation’s ability to control rampant illegal immigration, the bill endorsed border fencing and patrolling of the 700-mile southern border. Reformists however baptized illegal aliens as “shadow people” and similarly expressed that a true immigration reform is needed according to Josten (2005). Immigration has brought in well-known successful immigrants like Albert Einstein, Bob Hope, and a smattering of serious health workers into the United States.

Ragle (2005) however provided that the cultural fabric is aimed at exploiting the native-born population and added that the open border has brought in the likes of Italian mobsters and Palestinian assassin Sirhan Sirhan; Mexican mass murderers Juan Corona, Ram Salcido and Angel Resendez and other unsavory characters who were members of ethnic communities. Many Americans and other native-born residents may not be enthusiastic to work on a few jobs but providing proper incentives might solve the problem and enhance American citizens to work hand in hand and solve the problem.

It should be noted that 14. 5 million people are underemployed and unemployed thus, and illegal immigration deprive Americans of jobs. Conclusion The effort to regulate immigrant populations to promote safety for every American should be the main cause for concern. Implementing a tax system for every working immigrant should be the main aim of the government. This could be applied for the improvement of environmental conditions as a joint effort of inhabitants enjoying the national resources.

There is no objection to the government’s effort to patrol borders and maintain a database of known illegal immigrants with prior records of crimes against humanity to face instant deportation regardless of class and wealth. What every American should bear in mind though is the fact that the current population even without an increase in immigration levels will still cause a doubling of people within the lifelines of the kids born today which will cause a major inconvenience in the later years as food supply and water become inadequate for a ballooning population (Sensenbrenner, 2005).

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