Various Problem That Are Becoming Concerns Related to Youth Suicide

This article talks about various problem that are becoming concerns related to youth suicide. Data were taken from many countries to check the validity of this topic. One of the major thing that has been point out in this article is that what school and college systems can do to prevent youth suicide. Schools are the primary institution responsible for the socialization of students and have substantial access and influence on at-risk youths. Thus, schools offer a logical setting for suicide prevention.

Currently, the research suggests that if suicidal youths are identified by the schools and if appropriate treatment is provided then suicide can be dramatically reduced. By taking this step many lives can be saved and possibility can be made for them that there is still more to do in life rather than giving up. It was also suggested that if schools could identify suicidal youth, there is also the likelihood that the incidence of school shootings could be significantly reduced. This article listed research findings germane to suicide prevention.

Consequently, this article has two major purposes. The first is to outline recommendations based upon research findings (when possible) that will help prevent suicide of school age students. The second is to underscore the limitations of our present state of knowledge about suicide prevention and advocate for public policy that will support more research in this area.

Many recommendations were made under public policy to prevent this problem some of which are as follows:

  1. Maintain appropriate surveillance
  2. Increase public awareness and promote appropriate media responding
  3. Enhance problem solving and skill building of youth
  4. Create safe environment
  5. Increase availability and access to service

By taking these steps we can bring major changes in this society and many of the school shooting incidents could be prevented as well.

Not only is youth suicide a national problem in India, but it may be considered a problem of global significance. Although there is a great deal of variability in suicidal mortality among different countries, the international picture for the past few decades has mirrored the increasing trends in the country.