Various Cpted Principles Violations

We have chosen Nighttime as an example to highlight the CPTED principles which were violated. As we see in the above picture. The house has no proper lighting. It looks that the landscaping around the house has not be undertaken for a long time. The trees around the house have not be trimmed properly which are obstructing the view all around the house. The house also does not have any protection from intruders such as fencing around the property.

All these violations come under various CPTED principles violations. And as you see in the picture these factors may lead to intruders who would try to commit a crime at the house in the nighttime. The second example I would use is the parking lot as you see in the above picture. Let us highlight a few CPTED principles which are violated in the above as well. When it comes to parking lot it very clearly looks like there is no proper lighting all around the parking area. There is also no barrier in each parking space which will stop the car from extending itself on to the area where pedestrians walk. There are no parking slot numbers assigned to each parking slot as well.

It looks absolutely zero surveil lanced parking lot. We do not observe any security guards in the parking lot or enough surveillance cameras. Looks there is no fencing around the parking lot which would allow anyone to park in the parking lot, we have made this observation by the way car has been parked in the parking lot. All the above factors are the violations which come under CPTED principles such as natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement and maintenance. As we have observed and highlighted various violations in the above two examples. Now, we would like to define and explain the importance of the features of the house and parking lot which are lacking various CPTED principles which have to be implemented to avoid crime or criminal behavior and help the neighborhood people to keep an eye and therefore keep the community safe around us.

The important features which can be implemented in and around the house would be lighting, landscaping, perimeter fencing, trimming of trees.

Natural Surveillance is something which particularly has to do with lightening around the house. When there is low lightening around the house or property there are more chances for the criminal to do organized crime. So, in order to discourage the criminal behavior, we must lighten the surroundings with good LED lights. These lights provide maximum amount of lightening all around the house with less cost to the owners. These lights last a very long time with less disturbance and low maintenance. Same goes for the parking lot as well. Instead of low metal halide bulbs which do not cover all of the parking lot leaving dark spots which would encourage criminal activity, we have to cover all of the parking lot by using high yield LED lightening which covers entire parking lot and will give away near zero dark areas for any criminal activity to happen. Led lightening provides clear visibility and clear colors which will help people to see if there is any criminal activity.

Natural access control is a key factor which will make the criminals think they are in the control of the surroundings be it the house or a parking lot. However, this way of thinking can be rejected by drawing clearly marking the paths to the house or the parking the lot. And if we observe the trees around the house must be trimmed and cleared up so that the view from inside the house is clear and visible. By this the house owners will be able to act as a responsible citizen of the neighborhood and keep an eye all the times. Around the houses we can have hard rooted plants which are nicely trimmed which will act as a natural barrier against any intruders.

Reinforcement of the house plays an important role in protecting our house or property. There are various ways to stop intruders from getting into our houses. One of them are fencing which can be wooden fence or hard-wired fencing. We may also use high voltage fencing for heightened security around our property. In some cases, we may simply have hoardings such as protected neighborhood watch, property under CCTV 24/7 surveillance or guard dogs on premises. These are simple but effective ways to keep the intruders at the bay. Then we can also protect our interiors of the property by installing cameras or we may deploy automated robot guards around the house which have AI integrated cameras which scan the property multiple times all around the day and detect any kind of misadventures by the criminals.