Vandalism: Property and Anti-vandal Campaign

Vandalism is defined as a willful or malicious destruction or defacement of the things of beauty or of public or private property. It is considered as a major offense as provided by the Notre Dame of Midsayap College (NDMC handbook, but campaign against it is not strongly implemented. Vandalism is often caused by ideological, vindictive and malicious reasons. Boredom and exam charters contributes to the problem even more. To lessen and eventually eliminate vandalism is the main concern of the project.

Its formulation seizes to encourage and influence every student to become participants for the realization of this undertaking by engaging themselves in the anti-vandal campaign, cleaning association, watch patrol and counseling committee. Furthermore, the group aims to inculcate concern and stewardship for school property among Notre Dameans. Project Goal and Objectives Generally, the project envisions producing a vandal-free school environment for the students of Notre Dame of Midsayap College. Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following: • Create a task force society.

• Identify the causes of vandalism and formulate the possible solutions fitted for each cause. • Educate students the scope of vandalism and the degree of punishment. • Make students aware about the magnitude of the problem and engage them in the campaign against it. • Divert the oppressor’s attention into more constructive activities. • Improve affected equipment. Estimated Cost: Approximately Php 110, 000. 00 (One hundred ten thousand pesos) for the construction of a freedom wall, installation of CCTV cameras and campaign costs. Time Table: Estimated completion by the year 2012. Project Proponents: dela Vega, ReginaRamirez, Ellaine Grace

Indig, IluminadoYu, Faye Astoreth Gaang, HomerVotacion, John Lie Agencies Involved: SSG and other School Organizations DSAS or NDMC Administrators Concerned Students BURA Society Highlights: A. There will be a task force society (BURA). It composes of committees: Anti-vandal Campaign, Cleaning Association, Watch Patrol, and Counseling. Each committee will have a chairman and treasurer that have been elected by the members. • Provisions/Rules: i. A member must be responsible and must take part in organization’s tasks of campaigning, cleaning and patrolling against vandalism. ii. The basis for the punishment depends upon the degree of damage.

Damage of the property not exceeding 50% is considered a minor offense. iii. A person caught committing vandalism will be forced to clean or restore the damaged property. If he will be caught again, he will become a member of the society’s Cleaning Association and will do 5 hours of community service in a designated school area during the activity period on Fridays until he has completed his cleaning hours. iv. Each member will contribute Php 15. 00 per semester. This membership fee is used for the restoration, repairs and improvements of any affected equipment. The collected amount is also used to buy cleaning materials and paint.

v. If the offender retaliates, he will be subjected to a major punishment, either by notifying the parents, posting his photo in the bulletin board or publishing his name to the Regina as a doer of vandalism ( with the approval of the DSAS). B. The anti-vandal campaign can be launched through a slogan, poster or logo contest which encourages students’ participation. a) Its purpose is to educate the students about vandalism, its causes and effects, the possible solutions and consequences that arise with it. b) It is to make the students aware to take care of the school properties and develop discipline.

c) The activities under the campaign are seminars, symposiums and forums. C. Another feature is the Cleaning Association. This committee is primarily for the maintenance of cleanliness and order. An activity under this is committee is a general cleaning every first Sunday after the examinations by the society members. Those who fail to attend will be required to donate cleaning materials. D. We will be having a Watch Patrol who will help in catching students who vandalize school properties. CCTV Cameras will be installed in strategic places like resting areas, classrooms, laboratories and kiosks.

(Concerned students can participate through texting the society’s hotline if ever they caught someone destroying school properties. ) We proposed to have a designated cell phone number which will serve as the society’s hotline. E. A counseling committee is created to help doers shift their attention into more constructive activities. The group counseling can be done through the help of the Guidance Office or Mrs. Wilma dela Cruz. We propose a learning workshop and freedom wall as diversionary projects. These workshops can help improve talents or develop new interests.