Values and goals project

My college reflects who I am, and what I value in many different ways. The Eiffel Tower is a symbol showing that I would like to travel to many different places not only in the United States but also in Europe. The iPhones represent not only my iPhone itself, but also that my iPhone means a lot to me. It’s my source of communication with family and friends. The Presents represent that I’m the type of person who likes to give. I love spoiling others with presents and seeing them smile. The word love stands for the love I have for my family and friends and how I have a big heart. The sushi and pizza represent my love for food and also my two favorite foods I enjoy eating.

The quote “Live life your best” is meaningful to me because I try not to take anything for granted in life. And I try to do things that make me happy and enjoy life. The paintbrushes represent my hobby, which is painting, coloring, and drawing. I like to do these things in my free time or whenever I’m upset to make me feel better. The 2013-2014 student welcome represents how much college is important to me; it is one of my number one priorities in my life right now. The quote “Create memories” represents how much I value spending time with family and friends and just creating memories good and bad.

The red Volkswagen GTI represents my car that I love so much, it’s not only my car but also it’s the first car I’ve ever had before. And lastly the quote “Help Kids” represents my occupation that I want to be in the future, which is a social worker. I really want to help kids and make sure they’re with people who care about them and also are having a better life then what they have.