Using Technology as an Accountant

Using Google to search for information on accounting technology, I put in key words “accounting software”. This search returned a number of websites engaged in selling accounting software and providing the latest news about advances in accounting technology. Thus, the website AccountingSoftware411. com tells one about the news of companies producing software (Sage, Oracle, Deltek, AppForge) and advertises the latest version of QuickBooks® Easy Estimate .

Another website, BusinessSoftware. com, maintained by the company Business Software Solutions, Inc., is a comprehensive guide to the company products including a POS hardware system and “full featured accounting software, Business Plus Accounting” that accompanies the restaurant programs manufactured by the same company .

Web Log (Blog) Search Not knowing where to look for blogs on such a specific topic as accounting software, I used Google, plugging in the word combination “accounting software blog”. Although I did not find a specific community interested only in these issues, I was able to locate a couple of blogs that deal with the issue of IT technology in accounting.

For instance, Andrew Cowie’s blog entitled “The sad state of accounting software” at OperationalDynamics. com discussed the current problems arising due to the inadequate quality of accounting programs . Anita Campbell’s blog at BNET compares the market position of three manufacturers of accounting software, Intuit (Quicken, QuickBooks and Quicken Online), Best Software (Peachtree) and Microsoft (midsize business market) . The search has shown that there is plenty of information on the Web on websites that are designed for those interested in Information Technology and business.

Job Search On ComputerJobs. com, I located a few jobs that seem to be at the cross-section of accounting and Information Technology. Thus, Ettain, a company in CD Metro Area, is looking for a Business Analyst who “will be the point person on executive reporting for General Administrative Costs for the General Ledger/ Accounting Group” . Another company in Greensboro, NC, is looking for a SAP FICO specialist with experience in SAP FICO Accounting . Article On ComputerWorld. com I used the keyword “accounting” to search for an article.

I found an article dealing with the innovative software produced by Microsoft, Office Small Business Accounting 2006, costing $176 per user. The article provides a review of this package “designed to meet the needs of small businesses with up to 25 employees and five accounting users — the same market now served by Intuit Inc. ‘s QuickBooks and Best Software’s Peachtree Accounting” . The author comments on the relative strengths of Microsoft’s product that lies in the possibility to integrate it with MS Outlook and CRM systems.

Such articles are useful as they help the accountant to review the latest products and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Conclusion Accounting profession today is unthinkable without software, and the Web provides a useful vehicle for research on accounting IT. Many accounting jobs will involve acquaintance with some accounting programs. Websites of companies provide opportunities to purchase accounting technology online. To navigate in the complex world of accounting software, an accountant can use blogs and professional articles that outline the benefits and drawbacks of specific packages.