USA Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act of 2001 has displayed changes in the congressional legislative institution in the form of acts of surveillance and the enactment of investigative powers in the United States. Increase in executive authority was the response prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that, with great haste, was intended to strengthen the national defense by expanding the authority of the law enforcement and intelligence units of the country, so as to monitor even private communication and personal information.

This has confined the citizens to a limited type of liberty that has put them in the jurisdiction of the government even when it concerns personal data, such as contacts, time of work, type of work, time with the family, or conversations with other people. Expanding the power of the investigative authority has put limitation in the area of the individual rights for the purpose of securing the country against terrorist attacks and malicious activities from those of the enemies. As of now, U. S. A. is one of the most aimed countries when talking about terrorist attacks.

With the ongoing war in the Middle East, it is surely justifiable that the government practices such laws and prerequisites in order to assure the safety of the citizens. This security need absolutely justifies the consequent limitation that is put in individual rights because it cannot be guaranteed, as of this moment, that there will not be terrorist attacks against the country for the coming years or months. The government had a rightful aim and reason for approving such a law, and that is to ensure the safety of the citizens inside and outside the country.

Once the government is confident that the safety of the citizens would not be put into jeopardy, then that is the time that the act could be discarded, since it is not needed anymore. However, as of now, this act is significant to our safety. If the last terrorist attack happened in 2001, then it should retain in our law until 2011 at least, if there will be no future attempts to attack the U. S. prior to this incident. Otherwise, it should retain in the land until such time that we can be confident that terrorist attacks would not supersede again.