Usa Government Response To Disasters

In comparison to the major disasters in the world such as the Chinese earthquake, Turkish earthquake, Tsunami disaster, and the USA bombing, the Katrina Hurricane disaster of New Orleans which occurred in the year of 2005 got a slow response by the United States of America government. Both the federal government and the state government of Louisiana were blamed for that mishap (Wolf Richard, 2006). The slow response is under criticism by the local people and the international community.

On contrast to the slow response towards that disaster, some other catastrophic events have been managed in an appropriate manner. For instance the Chinese quake disaster proved to be one of the disasters which were well managed and hence many losses were prevented. This paper tries to bring out the criticism by the local and the international community to the United States government for failing to prevent the disaster and at the same time for delaying to respond to the disaster by evacuating the involved casualties.

At the same time this paper tries to analyze the reasons behind the success of the Chinese government to tackle the catastrophic disaster of the earthquake which occurred in one of their state. The ignorance of the government agencies to respond to the earlier warnings of the Hurricanes was a major criticism which was evolving around the country. New Orleans was a location with an historical background which shows the occurrence of the floods which led to the collapse of the levees earlier constructed to control the hurricanes.

To a large extent the main cause of the delay of the response by the United States of America was caused by the lapsed in the Knowledge Management in and outside the government agencies (Davis Mathews, 2005). Most of the criticisms toward the United States of America response to the New Orleans Hurricane were Marjory based on the mismanagements and slow base of the preparations concerning the relief efforts such as the evacuation of the affected casualties and providing the basic needs such as the clothing, shelter and food to the affected people.

The federal department of flood protection to a great extent. In the first instance the levees which were constructed were of poor quality . The disaster can be regarded as the engineering which has ever occurred in the American history (Linda Singer et al. 2005). After the occurrence of the Hurricane disasters so many people were left without homes, water, clothing and others died as a result of the violence which arose afterwards. Moreover the treatment of the evacuated people was of poor degree.