US military

There are several factors that lead to the actual transformation of US military. The innovation in the war technology has challenged the administration to transform. Today, power is defined not by the size but by the ability to response immediately and to be mobile. Safety is attained through sneakiness and forced exemplified by the precision-guided weapons. The following are the factors, justifying the urgent need to transform: Change in the threat in the environment and the challenges and the pressing call for change.

Transformation as a grand scale innovation is definitely a leap in the effectiveness of the military. This will just take effect and be effective through the support of the Defense Department. If they are to sustain the existing means of operations, transformation would be an integral part of the overall defense system. According to the Rumsheld view, this is comprised of six. A warfare vision that will provide a sense of direction to the effort of transformation in the future is first on the list. Second is the selection of the key leaders of transformation.

Third, a huge increase in funding is required in order to speed up the process of transformation because in reality, transformation regularly takes effect in a span of a decade or two. Fourth on the list are the joint field and service experimentation and exercises. Fifth, is the adaptation of the latest procurement strategy and finally, the elimination of existing poor strategy and newly introduced approach that are unfit with the emerging environment after the joint exercises and experiments has been made.