US Immigration Laws and Policies Stringent

Immigration policies adopted in any country reflect the attitude of that nation regarding this issue. In the past there were few restrictions regarding immigration in many countries including the United States. Due to the increased consciousness about identity each nation has come up with some conditions which are aimed at regulating immigration. In general the policies are revised in line with the motives of the country in question.

It is worth noting that nations which have low population growth have a more liberal policies regarding immigration while those that are experiencing some population increase tend to put in place some stringent measures to control it. United States is one of the countries which have some of the strictest immigration policies. There are some reason which have led the government over the years to change the policies so that this nation can only grant immigration to those who deserve while locking out those who are not qualified enough to be granted entry and stay in this country.

The issue of illegal immigration has been a thorn in the flesh as it has elicited debates on how it needs to be tackled especially in this era of terrorism. All are in agreement that this issue needs to be tackled head on through the enforcement of the stringent measures already in place as far as immigration is concerned. Immigration has been issue of legislation for a long time since the nation’s founding. In 1790 a formal process was established by the congress where those people who had been born in other countries but migrated to United States became citizens.

This legislation led to flocking of immigrant to this nation such that it was seen as a problem. Though these people were of great help to this country if this trend was to be left unchecked many felt that it would cause more harm than good in future. As a response to the increasing number of immigrants the government came up with the ways of reviewing and processing applications for all those seeking entry into the United States. Since then there has been several changes which have been made making it difficult for those seeking immigration in this country.

(Bohner, C and Shuman, 2007 56) Statistics indicate that there are over one million immigrants entering this country every year. It has been projected that if this trend continues the population will be more than five hundred million by the year 2050. Althought America was formed on the basis of immigration background many feel that the trend should be checked lest this nation becomes a third world country. Perhaps this has made the government to act so that the number of those entering America can be limited.

(Cafferty, P 1983 145) There are several problems which are associated with immigration such as population increase and increase in the rate of crime among others, above that they are positive effects of immigration. When coming up with the immigration policies the government seeks to address the underlying issues. One of the policies that have been put in place aiming at controlling the illegal immigration is the act that was passed in 1996. This act addresses the issue of border patrols puts in place control measures on border points and the reduction of benefits enjoyed by the immigrants. ( (Bohner, C and Shuman, 2007 64)