US Government Response Analysis Paper Example

It is apparent that the United States’ socio-political structure is starting to realize the importance of a uniform type of population service. In light of the lingering effects of terrorism paranoia, such singular social structure is very important to materialize an orderly function of different social sectors. As for the policy, the main attribute that it intends to implement is to have a universal form of service for the general population.

With such procedure, there will be fewer incidences of widening gaps between the servicemen and the ordinary civilians. For the servicemen the main advantage is that there will be more support from the general public for their operations thus giving them more capabilities to introduce their services for the national interest. On the other hand, the civilians will be able to receive the full potential of getting services from government units coming from the roles of the servicemen.

At the same time, they will have the abilities to understand how military operations work, thus helping them prepare to render their service or use their skills when the situation calls for it. On a personal note, it is truly a worthwhile initiative to introduce a universal form of service to the general population. Because of such program, at least more of the general public will have the chance to realize the importance of national security instead of being just passive observers waiting for a change.

Just like using the principle of the reserved officers’ training programs in schools, this universal service policy can generate professionals with various backgrounds in education (Rensselaer, 1996) which can also be useful in terms of security protection especially in domestic scales.


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