The US government & immigration

The US visa system seems to be perpetuating the issue of illegal immigration that has brought about the emergence of hostile treatment on the immigrants. It should be blamed as one of the causes of the immigration problem. It is ineffective, slow and quite expensive and it leads to most people opting for the illegal entry to the country. They are many cases of delays in the provision of temporary visas and some people end up extending their staying time to compensate for the time spent waiting.

It is also ironical that the demand for the labor does not match its supply and the government seems to be showing minimal efforts to make such job opportunities attractive to whites. This approach would ensure that the forces that attract immigrants into the US are minimized and consequently the issue of illegal immigrants would be somewhat solved. If legal immigration was made effective the harsh treatment perpetrated on immigrants would be an uncalled for measure.

Legal entry ought to be made efficient and effective and it should also be made affordable. The US government seems to be punishing immigrants for its own failures which is an unfair thing to do. The immigration department should be very effective in carrying out its activities so that insecurity is not raised as a concern when handling immigrants. There should be a system that is able to detect and catch up with people trying to gain access through forged documents.

This way the number of undocumented immigrants will declined as they are denied accessibility. One of the major problems that Asian immigrants face is the inability to travel and join their family members since migration on the basis of blood relationship is discouraged. Consequently, family ties are loosened and this creates much tension and fear among the immigrants. The initial goal of uniting or rather respecting the ‘family’ has been changed and professional or well trained immigrants are the ones with an advantage.