US Governement paper

In recent years, a great deal of Human Trafficking in Thailand has been going on. The victims involved are men, women, and children of all ages. Most of these victims are immigrants from the bordering countries of Thailand. Origins–How did the human rights issue come about? Who does it affect and how? How does it affect human rights? Human Rights come about in a huge way because human trafficking is an international crime that voids the rights of human beings. Basically, you’re a slave and therefore stripped of your basic human rights.

Not only is the victim extremely affected in this crime, I think we all are. Human trafficking is a terrible international crime, which takes away your individuality and voice. Not only is the victim violated, but is forced to do labor and act as a tool. It especially affects human rights because someone literally owns you and when someone owns you, you can’t decide or do anything for yourself. ?Responses–How is the United States government responding to the issue? How are other governments both inside and outside the situation responding to the problem?

How do these responses relate to the foreign policy spectrum of approaches you studied in the lesson (isolationism, diplomacy, interventionism, imperialism)? The U. S. Government has annually published the TIP- Traffic in Persons Report. This helps bring foreign governments together to help stop this horrible crime. This is an all-inclusive resource towards the anti-trafficking efforts. The U. S. uses the TIP Report to attract foreign governments to participate in trafficking reforms to fight against human trafficking.

The United Nations noticed an increase on human trafficking in 2011 and therefore all organization policies around the world also increased too help stop this crime. The U. S. helped foreign governments know what resources they needed to help further prevent this global destruction. Interventionism is the approach that foreign goverments use to help human trafficking because they became involved in the matter to try and resolve it. 1Evaluation–Are the efforts and policies enacted by governments and international organizations successful?

What would you recommend be done to better address the human rights issue? All governments and international organizations and their efforts and policies, I think are doing a great deal of success in this matter. This is a massive international and global problem that the United Nations is working very hard to help fix. I do think all policies and organizations are acting successful towards bringing this crime rate down in Thailand-, which it has. Maybe to better address the human rights issue, I would maybe have the world recognize it more. To do everything in our power to stop it even more.