The US Constitution and the US Army Officers

The way of life inside is inextricably linked to one another somehow. All one needs is to find out how one thing can connect to another. Chances are, there is more than one connection that links one to another. This is because one aspect affects the other, or results from another thing, until the once simple way of life becomes a complex maze of what is known today as modern life.

In this approach, one can clearly explore the lines connecting two important aspects of the American way of life - the United States Constitution and the United States Army and its officers. The United States Constitution is important because it is the one that designs the aspects and components of the American way of life. As for the US Army and its officers, it is integral in the protection of the American way of life and existence because of its distinct and unique set of responsibilities inside the society.

There are many ways how the two are linked and connected. Three of these links are the following: US constitution creates and empowers the US army and its officers; secondly, the US constitution is expected to be protected by the US Army and its officers; and lastly, the US Constitution provides the overall way of life for the US Army officer by detailing everything and covering every aspect of the very existence of the US Army and its officers in the first place. The US constitution can be considered as the bedrock or foundation of the American way of life.

The US constitution creates, identifies and maintains some of the important aspects of the US way of life, as how the constitution of other countries functions there. The US Army officers are connected to the US Constitution via affinity. Without the US constitution, there is literally no US Army and its officers to defend the state or the country as a whole (Sobel 8). It is the US constitution that creates, empowers and makes legal the existence of a US Army and its officers.

The US Constitution identifies the need for a US Army, its function in the society and its role, and that is an important link between the two. One can view the situation as the US Army officers being indebted to the US Constitution for their existence. If the US Constitution deemed it as unnecessary to form, create and maintain an army, there would not have been a US Army and its officers in the first place. The US Constitution is the root from hence all over institutions spring from.

Like a mother, it is the one who gave US Army and its officers’ life and existence. The second significant link of the US army officer to the US constitution is its responsibility to protect the US constitution. If there is anything constant, that is it - the responsibility of any and all US army officers to protect the US constitution. The army does not protect anything or anyone above the US constitution. The US constitution is the way of life of the US. The US army and its officers are expected to protect it in any possible way they can.

The US constitution relies on the established form of government inside the society so that it is protected and so that it is maintained. The US army and its officers is one of the important groups of individuals that have the ability to protect and secure the US Constitution. They are the ones who are given by the US constitution the privilege to be armed to the fullest capacity and capability the state can offer and exercise. Theoretically, the US Army as the US Constitution puts it is under the command of the commander in chief, usually the elected president.

However, the loyalty of the US army is not on the president, especially if the president or the office of the president is the one threatening the exploitation of and deviance from the US Constitution. US Constitution is merely a set or collection of text that people are expected to follow as a guide for their way of life and it cannot protect itself from individuals who wanted to remove it or totally destroy it. Sure, every once in a while, the legislative and executive bodies of the government undertake actions that change and alter the contents of the US Constitution.

Despite that, the US Constitution remains the same and remains as it is. The president and other individuals can become the enemy of the US Constitution if and when they decide to go against the US Constitution without the proper course of action and channel necessary. By this time, it is considered as unlawful action towards which certain groups are expected to take action, one of which is the United States Army and its officers. The US Constitution is the lifeblood of the US Army. This Constitution created the US army.

It identifies the enemies that the US Army should pursue, and how these enemies should be handled. It tells the US Army and its officers how to behave and conduct themselves during times of war and peace. The US Constitution is the one responsible for outlining the scope of work of the US Army and its officers and the limitations for this organization when necessary (i. e. budget, powers, etc). Through its contents o, the US Army is controlled by the society. By invoking that actions are unconstitutional, the US Army is made answerable to an important responsibility to which it responds well.

By saying that an action is according to the stipulations of the US Constitution, the US Army finds a base for ethics and moral stability towards which the action and disposition is hinged upon. The links of the two important components of the American way of life are undeniable and obvious. While others may think that the links establish which between the two is more superior to the other, the fact is none of the two has the chance of surviving in stable conditions without the other.

The US Constitution is the creator of way of life, The US Army and its officers provide a way for the society to maintain this way of life and experience order, without which the way of life will descend into chaos and even the demise of the culture and society altogether. Indeed, the US Constitution and the US Army are two components of the society that holds the American way of life together and provides security and stability for long term existence.

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