US and Mexican border

We see this today as we build walls along the US and Mexican border. We see it in the denials for migrants that are entering this country from all over the world as the numbers increase exponentially. The US has gone so far as to create the Homeland Security office to ensure that human trafficking is policed, and have created new laws to create fencing between the US and Mexican border to prevent more immigrants from entering the country illegally. An attempt at appeasement for Mexico in regard to what was known as the bill to create a guest worker program failed in gaining the necessary acceptance.

(Fletcher, 2003) Migration from Mexico has generated a sizeable Mexican-born population in the United States. Mexican estimates compute this population in the range of 8 to 8. 5 million, of which the non-authorized component is estimated between 3 and 3. 5 million. The US Census Bureau estimates that there are more than nine million Mexican immigrants living in the United States. Of these, approximately 4. 7 million, or over half, are undocumented. However, about 1. 6 million, or one in five Mexicans, are naturalized US citizens (MPI, 2002).

Thus keeping in complete alignment with Bilbray, it can well be stated that under such problems related to the external and internal politics it is important to well formulate the different loose strings of the federal laws. It is also true that it is completely sensible and practical to employ the methods and practices employed by Bilbray. It is a complete logical element to support the views of the writer and it should always be remembered that laws should be formulated in a logical and emphatically so that no two laws are in direct conflict with each other.

As in this case indicated by the writer the existing federal law related to the issue of illegal immigrations is in direct conflict with the immigration law that is due to be enforced in the end of 2007. It is only logical to support Bilbray in this issue because it is true from the example of Mexico that main cause of infiltration into US from Mexico is completely economical. Thus if some exceptions like political displacements from Cuba or China are not considered then it becomes evident that the financial reason of immigration remains the single most important issue.

Under such circumstances it is very logical to agree with the line of thinking of the writer Bilbray. Thus, from a personal point of view I completely comply with the statement that “employer enforcement should be more than a benchmark; it should be the focal point of any illegal immigration plan. " (Bilbray, 2007)