Unitedhealth Group

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is one of the largest and sophisticated healthcare companies world-wide. In 1977, UnitedHealth Group was incorporated as United Healthcare Corporation. Its head office is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Richard Burke was one of the founders and Non-Executives Chairman of UHG.

Burke was the Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealth Group until 1988. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UHG or “the group”) is a US-based diversified health and well-being group. The group provides healthcare services and health benefits to more than 75 million people worldwide (UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, 2013).

UnitedHealth plans have a combined provider network of 780,000 doctors and 5,900 hospitals nationwide. Its health plan units and other divisions serve customers throughout the US, as well as over 20 international countries. UHG operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific (UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, 2013).

UHG has become the largest US health insurer, by expanding into new regions through the purchase of smaller rivals and corporate health plans. It also widens its geographic reach by establishing subsidiaries in new markets, as well as by gaining new government health coverage contracts.

For instance, UnitedHealth care became the new administrator for the federal TRICARE West Region health plan, which provides coverage for military personnel in the western US (UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, 2013). UnitedHealth Group serve 40 million members. In addition to this information, UnitedHealth's Optum health services units OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx provide wellness and care management programs, financial services, information technology solutions, and pharmacy benefit management(Lewis, 2012).

One of the UHG health services, unit Optumlnsight, is a health information, technology, and consulting company engaged in providing software and information products. OptumInsight’s clinical outcomes and medical expenditures research by providing patients’ assessments of their own health status. This give patients easy way to get a hold on the medical records. OptumInsight formed a newly-organized division to assist life sciences clients to identify, analyze and measure the value of their products which is better knew as Ingenix Life Sciences.

In July 2012, Optum launched its newest generation of coding technology known as computer assisted coding (CAC). Computer-assisted coding (CAC) platform, helped hospitals accelerate their transition to ICD-10, increase productivity and simplify coding and documentation processes. Another UHG Optum health services, OptumHealth, has added personalized wellness, employee assistance, onsite screening, and other services to encourage consumers to actively participate in managing their health and seek preventative care, which helps lower overall medical costs (Yi,2012).

Under the Optum umbrella, the UnitedHealth continue to grow despite economic challenges. For instance, the UnitedHealth care plans are promoting wellness and preventative care by partnering with community organizations (such YMCA groups) and retailers to educate consumers on issues such as obesity and diabetes. With UHG partnering up with these company, this can help people be more aware of their health.

If they get the proper information about different diseases, this prevent serious issues and hospital visit. CareSpeak communications is another tech that will enhance UnitedHealth care member to monitor their health. CareSpeak Communications application will enable patients to manage their care using two-way text messaging on their mobile phone, patients will also receive an educational and motivational messages, as well as incentives and rewards for meeting their health goals (Lewis, 2012).

It’s great that UHG have upgraded their technology especially with this world being more about electronics. By UHG having health information technology this will save patients money and time. Patients and other healthcare provider will have the opportunity to view pervious medical records. With e-Prescribing, physicians can send prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy. The only down fell I can see with this is if the wrong information get log in. So they would have to make sure there is no room for error.

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