United States and Ww1

August 1914 was a really important to remember. It was when the huge war began known as World War 1. The United States had a very hard time debating whether they should join the war or not. Eventually, in 1917, the Americans join the allies. There were people who were both for and against The United States involvement in World War I. In addition, this will also affect the Americans that were at home. Most people were for the United States entering the war. They saw how beneficial it was and that if the president thinks it a good idea, it must be. To add on, President Wilson is a deep thinker and always thinks before he takes any action.

According to document 3, “We are accepting this challenge to fight thus for the ultimate peace of the world and for the liberation of its people. ” This shows that, after thinking so much, the President finally came to a decision that he wants to enter the war because he wants peace for all. However, some people are against the United States intervening in the war. They believe that if it’s not war doesn’t require the United States why would they intervene. They believe we are just wasting time and this war is not our problem. According to document 4, “whose war is this? Not mine. The fault is not ours.

It’s not our war. ” This proves that people were against America centering the war. This war also affected Americans at home. That is because as document 5 shows there were posters made that told the Americans at home to not waste anything. They wanted the Americans to give food for the allies. They were persuaded the Americans to donate food to them and if they do it will help them win the war. Furthermore, document 6 persuaded the Americans to but United States bonds so that they can have money for the soldiers. This proves that even the Americans had played a big role during this war and were helpful.

As you can see, the United States took a really long time to decide if they should enter the war. But at the end they did and it affected the Americans. Most of the Americans were for the United States entering the war and some of the Americans were not. However, in every war some people will agree and some won’t. Everyone can’t be happy. Therefore, President Wilson did what he thought was best and made most people proud. Additionally, the Americans at home were told by the posters that the soldiers needed them.