the United States Navy

Having been born in the United States I realize that I have been given one of the greatest privileges that can be bestowed on any one person and my goal to become an officer in the United States Navy is a direct result of my upbringing as an American citizen. For me, the Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment has shaped my life from the beginning and has led me down a path that has led me to realize just how important it is to be a capable member of something as important as the U.

S. Navy. To this end, I am applying for a commissioning officer position through admission to the Physician Assistant Program, with the knowledge that my dedication to the Navy’s core values must be even stronger and that I will be challenged at every turn to give my all for my country. My dedication, work ethic, experience and personal values will contribute to the greater Navy as a whole. The Navy’s core values are as much a part of me as a person as everything else in my life.

Honor is extremely important to me, and my dedication to conducting myself ethically in all of my endeavors and within each of my relationships has been a strong focus of my life. I thrive on the integrity and responsibility that is such a part of the Navy’s core values and will bring this strength to the greater Navy. My strong love of this country has pushed me to be courageous in all aspects, and even when a task if difficult, trying, or hazardous I am willing to sacrifice my own person for the greater good of this country.

It is difficult to be courageous without having a passion, and for me the defense and security of our nation is something for which I am very passionate. My commitment to the Navy will enhance my ability to respect up and down the chain of command and to demand only the best from myself. Commitment is the strongest core value that directs my life and my goals. I am seeking a commission for several reasons, but my primary aim is to give something back to a nation that has allowed me to live free and safe.

Pursuant to this goal, I wish to be in a position of optimal effectiveness in the context of service to my country, and I feel my skills and capabilities are best suited to the tasks assigned to a United States Naval Officer. As an officer in the Navy I feel as though I can reach more people and touch there lives to train and guide the sailors appointed under my command. I wish to be a part of the United States military and to serve at the absolute best of my abilities.

I desire the next step on my goals in life. I want to affect peoples’ lives positively, and to dedicate my talents and skills to my homeland with the knowledge that it will not be easy. For me, the challenge is important because only when I am challenged will I be able to find within myself the best that I can give. For this reason, I feel my calling is to become a United States Naval Officer and that I can effectively contribute to this branch of the military and become an asset to the U. S. Navy.

My skills and abilities will bring a great deal to the United States Navy, and I know that I will also be able to be challenged to reach deep within myself for the strength, courage, commitment and honor; however, my dedication to my country is the most important aspect of my personal core values. I am a very motivated and focused individual who thrives under pressure and is willing and able to accept responsibility for difficult jobs and for the performance of my peers, and I believe these traits will be vital to success, and allow me to excel in the vocation of an Officer.

I wish to be able to utilize my personal experiences and leadership qualities to further improve the Naval Intelligence Community. My experience as a Laboratory Technician and General Hospital Corpsman has provided me with “hands-on” knowledge of the hospital setting. My experiences within the Navy will enable me to understand and effectively work with both enlisted and commissioned sailors to accomplish mission goals.

My degree and work experience has assisted me in developing the analytical and leadership skills necessary to address challenging situations and work well as a member of a team. Given the critical need to work as a team in the Navy, these skills will enable me to work with diverse groups and to work for the greater good of the Navy and not for my own personal gain. In closing, I feel that my abilities and strengths will only strengthen the military and in particular the United States Navy.

I am capable of giving my all to my nation and by doing so in service of the American people will only motivate me to be a better Naval Officer and a better person. Admittance to the Physician Assistant Program will allow me to serve my country and help others, while working within a team environment where I can use my own strengths and abilities to make a difference. To this end, I am asking that I be considered as a candidate to pursuer this commissioning officer position.