United States and Multicultural Society

Even In this theme there are advantages and disadvantages. Everywhere people discuss about the multicultural society. We have positive and negativ arguments. Conflicts about multiculti society you can hear everywhere. That’s commonplace. But you must respect this > what is already optimal? < Every topic has her advantages and disadvantages. We live in a multiculti society. That’s everywhere, Germany, Italy, Spain, or in the United Kingdom. I think we must learn to live in a multiculti society. Solution like racism or be quite radically makes nothing short of hurt/dead people. So I list you pros and cons about multicultural society.


Multicultural society has many positive aspects. But much is overlooked because it already belongs to the daily life. For example you can learn new religions and traditions; you can get information’s about different states. Or when we speak about your daily meal, what you it? I’m sure that you eat fast food, pizza or döner etc. Those are multiculti food. People in Germany can by fast-food (Mc Donalds, USA) and people from the USA can eat “Sauerkraut and Wurst” (Germany). That’s not all. By living in a multiculti society you can learn different language, for example your friend is an Indian, and you can learn a little bit from your friend.

The biggest pro is the economy. International companies boost the economic, for example “Volkswagen”. They have everywhere a company or a subsidiary. Such and more pro aspects are should not overlook. People who are negative biased, they must respect these.


Unfortunately, there are even disadvantages in a mutliculti society. Many people are focused for only negative aspects, so it comes to conflicts between the populations. Residents are complaints that there are many foreigners in their own state or they are scared that their own language developed negatively or changed. Such problems must be overcome by the population and the policies live peacefully, it comes very quickly to conflicts, because the language lacks. They must find a solution together. That’s applies to all countries.