United States Government vs. North Korean Government

The United States has a complex government that builds on democracy whereas North Korea has communism centered on totalitarian rule. Both had their conflicts during the past and still are struggling in the future. Even though their government has two different sides to tell about they too have some similarities. One country having majority rule and the other having “political authority [whom] exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life” (definition: totalitarianism at dictionary. com).

Going through the growth of their economy, the citizens are opening their eyes each and every day to a government that has different branches with their checks and balances, exposure to several political parties, having their civil liberties and rights, and are surrounded by media/propaganda that is playing into effect with their lives. The popular branch of government for both countries is the executive branch, determining who is the head leader who is changing their lives every second in time. The U. S. executive branch is responsible to enforce laws.

Since the duty may be too powerful for one individual, the President, the constitution divided the job with in creation of having a Vice President and the members of the Cabinet. President George W. Bush is our leader of the country and Commander in Chief of the military. If he fails to serve his country, in replacement would be Vice President Richard Cheney. For the communist North Korea, their Chief of State is Kim Jong Il, who is their highest administrative authority and their head of government is Pak Pong Ju. The Supreme People’s Assembly appoints the members of the cabinet.

The legislative branch consists of a bicameral congress having 100 members in the Senate and 435 members from the House of Representatives. Members of the Congress are elected by direct vote of people of the state that they represent in. In North Korea, their legislative branch is unicameral having the Supreme People’s Assembly or the “Cho’oego Inmin Hoeui” with 687 members and is elected by popular votes. The last branch of government, the judicial branch from the U. S. is the Supreme Court with nine justices who are appointed by the President and are confirmed by the Senate.

The Supreme Court decides how the laws are applied in the country and if they violate the Constitution or not, which their power is called judicial review. The North Korean government has a Central Court where the Supreme People’s Assembly elects the judges. Both may have the same branches of government, their contents under the skin are diverse. Centered on the government is the exposure of political parties where the citizens side by their own opinion of whom to vote for. Our country, the U. S. has four different political parties, the Democrats, the Republics, the Libertarian, or the Green party.

The democrats are for political or social equality for all people whereas the republics are for moral values and abide by the Constitution from our fathers. The Democratic and Republican parties are the two most popular political parties that battle out during election year for the title of leading our country for four years or able to serve more years if is reelected. The libertarian party is committed to “America’s heritage of freedom” where they are for free-market economy, peace, and individual liberty and personal responsibility. The Green party is committed to environmentalism, non-violence, and social justice.

They campaign and try to renew “democracy without support of corporate donors. ” In North Korea, they have three political parties, the Chondoist Chongu party, Social Democratic Party, and the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP). The most significant party is the Korean Workers’ Party tries to achieve a more independent and unifying country. It is divided into the Central Committee and the Central Auditing Committee. The national party congress approves reports from the other parties and “adopts basic party policies and tactics”, and elects members to the KWP committees.

There are opportunities to take part as a member in the organization, either regular or probationary. Membership is open for those who are 18 years of age or older but are granted to those who pass the qualifications. The last political party is the Chondoist Chongo party, where they strive for a patriotic struggle against foreign aggression. Even though North Korea has different types of parties from the United States due to their isolated territory they are keeping unifying society in mind. The most important thing to keep in mind in each individual is of their fundamental rights, or also known as their civil liberties and rights.

This is how government is connected to society, almost like the social security system from the U. S. government. The First Amendment from the Bill of Rights is well known for every person, man or woman, where it states their freedom; their freedom of speech, press, or peaceably to assemble. This part in the Constitution expresses the democratic society. In North Korea, they have Article 67 where it is quite similar to our First Amendment, it points our how the citizens have their freedom of speech, publication, assembly, and association.

Even though the concentration on total rule in this foreign country has a different effect on how their citizens become their own person, they do have some freedom where even other Asian countries don’t have it. Even though the U. S. may be heavily expressing their civil rights, there always are some strings attached involved. The last thing to be discussed is how the citizens get their information passed around to know what is going on in their life, this is how the media comes into the picture.

In the U. S.there are a wide range of media being used freely, it’s being applied towards the first amendment of our constitution “right of free speech”. Our media has ranged from newspapers, television, radio, and even the World Wide Web. Everyone has the capability to access information locally, nationally, or internationally. But in North Korea, the government is controlling their media. The country is heavily controlled to prevent information outside of the country to come in. The people have no access to the Internet and there are only newspapers passed around by hand.

The newspapers are specialized and only contain what the North Korean government has to say. The role of propaganda has been going on for so long that the Koreans have no idea what is outside their country. They don’t know much about what is going on in our world due to the lack of information the government is allowing them to access and understand what others like the Americans know. It appears as though the North Korean government is trying to hide all that they can from their citizens. So what are they trying to hide?

What harm can be done if a leak of outside information gets in? No one is absolute about the answer. The differences from our modern day government compared towards a totalitarian regime, North Korea shows how in some ways quite frightening. To know that communism is going on in the world and how diversity can destroy all mankind, we may never know what could happen if diversity in countries can be like racism and discrimination. But information can be tricky; governments are the center of attention to everyone.

Without having a government, we can’t begin to imagine of how the world can be like today. From this research I have learned how totalitarianism can be like a game that is played, it may get out of control but that is how that one country is following and a slight change can involve a fragment piece of someone’s life. To me, if our nation changed democracy to totalitarianism, it is a world of isolation and shadows to high extremities where like a psychotic person in an asylum may not get all the help that they need and will turn over to military and will attack if we get disturbed.