United States Congress and Challenging Ref

1. Drawing Conclusions Why did the Framers of the Constitution establish a bicameral Congress? 2. Drawing Conclusions Why do you think no equivalent for the filibuster exists in the House of Representatives? 3. Expressing Problems Clearly Some people believe that the President should receive no benefits other than salary. Why might that create serious difficulties? 4. Identifying Assumptions What does the fact that new nations generally want to be recognized by the United States suggest about their beliefs? 5. Drawing Conclusions Supreme Court cases inevitably end with a decision from the Court.

Describe the three types of opinions that can be written as part of that decision. 6. Predicting Consequences What might be the consequences of making the Free Exercise Clause absolute? 7. Synthesizing Information Summarize the processes and procedures that result in a fair trial. 2nd Semester Short Answer Answer Section ESSAY 1. ANS: The Framers established a bicameral legislature for three reasons. First, they were familiar with the bicameral British Parliament. Second, a bicameral structure resolved conflicts between the Virginia and New Jersey plans.

Third, the bicameral structure was meant to provide a system of checks and balances within the legislative branch itself. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:262OBJ:10. 1. 1 TOP:Congress 2. ANS: The filibuster is a creature of the Senate and owes its existence to that body’s time-honored attachment to unlimited debate. The sheer size of the House weighs heavily against the feasibility of unrestricted debate, and its time-limit rules reflect this fact. Allowing the filibuster in the House would be the equivalent of eliminating its time-limit rules, without which it could not effectively function as a lawmaking body.

PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:343OBJ:12. 4. 1 TOP:Filibuster 3. ANS: Many of the tasks the President has to accomplish require traveling, meeting with various people, including dignitaries from foreign nations, and so forth. Depending upon salary to accomplish everything would severely limit what could be accomplished. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:358OBJ:13. 1. 4 TOP:Presidential Pay and Benefits 4. ANS: These nations believe the United States is such a significant world power that recognition by the United States will help them be accepted by other countries. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:400OBJ:14. 3. 3.

TOP:Recognition 5. ANS: The majority opinion announces the Court’s decision and explains the reasoning on which it is based. The concurring opinion is written by a justice who agrees with the majority opinion. It either adds a point not made in the majority opinion or emphasizes an existing point. The dissenting opinion is written by justices who do not agree with the majority opinion. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:517OBJ:18. 3. 2 | 18. 3. 4 TOP:Supreme Court 6. ANS: The consequences could be disastrous because any person could then commit any crime and claim that it was a religious practice.

It would allow people to make their own rules and override the rules of government and society. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:542OBJ:19. 2. 4 TOP:Free Exercise Clause 7. ANS: A fair trial must be held in a timely fashion. A fair trial must be held in public with a jury, unless the defendant does not want a public trial and the judge agrees. The jury must be unbiased and represent a cross section of the population. The defendant must be given the time and resources to hire an attorney and formulate a defense. All evidence against the defendant must have been legally obtained. PTS:1DIF:ChallengingREF:576OBJ:20. 3. 4 TOP:Rights of the Accused