United States of America, China, and Russia

Recognizing the security issues we face in the world at large, posing threats to our prosperity and security; international trade, military, and technology secrets being stolen through cyber espionage. This threat comes at a time when the international economy is suffering and cutting edge technology is a key element in the growth of national economies. Recognizing these threats affect national businesses and research institutions because valuable and sensitive information is being stored at an increasing rate online. Accessing this data is easily accomplished through unauthorized breaches of computer systems. With the increase of sensitive information being stored online, foreign nations and third-party actors such can conduct cyber-attacks on those systems without detection.

Recognizing that these cyber-attacks from sovereign nations carry their own political risks, the minimization of the attacks and the respect of other nations’ rights is vital to maintain amicable international relations. Affirming it is the national policy of the signatory countries, the United States of America, China and Russia, to not conduct aggressive cyber actions on other international entities and to work together to provide economic growth within our own nations. If any signatory nation is in need of assistance to improve technological growth, all parties will agree to assist. The signing parties have agreed as follows:

Article I For the purpose of this Treaty it shall be understood that: (a) The United States/U.S. means the United States of America (b) China means the People’s Republic of China (c) Russia means the Russian Federation (d) The Commission means the International Cyber Boundary and Non-Aggression Commission, United States, China and Russia, as described in Article 2 of this Treaty.

Article II The Cyber International Boundary and Non-Aggression Commission established pursuant to the provisions of the Convention between the United States, China and Russia will facilitate the carrying out of principles contained in this Treaty. It will strive to mitigate difficulties introduced by the changes which take place in the cyberspace of the U.S., China, and Russia. It shall hereafter be known as the Commission, and it shall continue to function for the entire period of this treaty.

The responsibilities and powers vested in the Commission by this treaty shall be in addition to those vested in the Cyber International Commission by the Convention and other pertinent treaties and agreements currently in effect between the three countries, except as the provisions of any of them that are modified by the present treaty.

Each state shall bear the expenses incurred in the maintenance of its section in the Commission. The joint expenses, which may be incurred as agreed upon by the Commission, shall be borne equally by the three governments.

Article III The members of the Cyber International Boundary and Non-Aggression Commission agree to act jointly, through their respective sections in the Commission, to assist one another in the prevention and detection of cyber-espionage. Each state agrees to inform the other if a potential or actual attack was detected. If at any time any of the states do not comply with the treaty agreement, the Commission will publically inform them that they are in violation of the agreement. Furthermore, the Commission will strive to ensure that the cyber-space sovereign boundaries of the signatory nations is respected and clearly defined.

Article IV All three states will agree to lawfully respect each other when a violation is noticed, and to work swiftly to resolve the issue in a just and appropriate manner. The Commission will discuss the consequences if any signatory does not enforce this treaty and illegal actions are taken within that state; if crime is committed in another state, then the laws of that state apply first and then the laws of where the criminal resides. Both laws will be taken into effect from the respecting states and legal action will be enforced. This treaty has duration of 10 years between the United States of America, China, and Russia. It shall be re-ratified after 10 years from the initial signing date. In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto by their respective governments, have signed this treaty, opened for signature at noon on the September day of the 4th two thousand and twelve. The Presidents of the three nations

President of the United States of America: Barack Obama (signature lines) President of the People’s Republic of China: Hu Jintao (signature lines) President of the Russian Federation: Vladimir Putin (signature lines)

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