United State government

The first government system which was used in united state was Confederation government and it the very one after it was approved unsuccessful; it was turned to federal government. The government operated under the article of confederation which governed the proceedings of the government. The government did not satisfy the politicians and the citizens and therefore they found out that they needed to change to the federal government which they found to be more satisfying.

The government was found to be unsatisfactory since most of the central positions were usually occupied b the central government. This resulted to some of the views of the citizen and their needs being left out in most of the processes of decision making. The congress was entirely dependent on it funds and it executed most of it decreases. The congress acted as legislature and executive branch of the government which acted as reconciling body for the government’s policies in various states of the country (Columbian Electronic Encyclopedia, 2007).

Due to a lot of weaknesses that it faced, confederation government was not in a position to stretch it jurisdiction t individual persons and they could not also stabilize credit and pass other regulations and hold obligations of the state such as treaty obligations. The government could not also hold the policies of the country which included both foreign and domestic policies.

Since the government had little powers, they could not cope with some aspects such as uprisings which had began to rise in the country and therefore since the government was proved in potential of handling the problems which were arising, the federal government was established which had more powers to overcome these problems Reference: Columbian Electronic Encyclopedia, (2007), Shortcomings, New York: Columbian University, Retrieved from, http://www. infoplease. com/ce6/history/A0857514. html