United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The cancellation of the derivative status of the individual or the main claimant should be distinguished properly. The personal file of the primary claimant of the cessation of the refugee status is indicated within the database of the UNHCR which will be used in tracking other family members. The refugees are entitled to their right to have a home state whenever they decide to. These individuals would be filing their documents to the UNHCR. The committee shall be processing these documents and procedures must be done in order to properly justify the legalization and the cessation of the refugees.

However, how would the refugee know if it is truly the right time for the cessation? After months of being displaced and given the title of being a refugee, an individual must first be able to file a certification that he or she is a refugee of such situation and a state, “The UNHCR Refugee Certificate should attest to the fact the individual named in the document is a refugee, and as such, is a person who should be protected from the forcible return to a country in which he/she would face persecution” (UNHCR 8-1).

The certification is the most important file that the refugee has. Given that he or she had been separated with all their other personal documents. The UNHCR committee should communicate with the host country in order to have peaceful coordination and for the refugee’s recognition and acceptance within the host country. The certification would be the legal way in which the Refugee would have the right to stay in the host country without being held as a prisoner or an enemy of the state. This legal process would be beneficial for the refugee (UNHCR 8-1).

The refugee must therefore give the correct information and attend the interviews that the mandate requires in order to fully accomplish the processes that are required by the mandate and the international law. Due to different conflicts and situations that an individual have to encounter instances such as being a refugee is one of the consequences that a person could sometimes experience. With such situations, the protection and the safety that the UNHCR is promoting is the strongest hold that most of the refugees could have.

All the rights that are given to an individual through the international law are also upheld for the refugees. Although the situations of refugees are one of the main causes of the UNHCR and the Geneva Conventions these files are not enough to provide peace and security among the refugees and other individuals. Providing peace and security after a tragic and traumatic experience could help in order to somehow ease the pain of the experience. However, this is not enough for most people within the situation of being a refugee.

The uncertainty and not being protected by any law while still not having the certification or claim that the individual is a refugee. Although the program of the UNHCR and the mandate that it had launched is one of the most relevant files that is available for the refugees, the processes and the files that are need to be submitted still needs to take time in order to be fully certified or recognized as a refugee. All the processes take time and effort in order to attain such. With the processes and the legalities that are needed to be done, refugees would certainly have convoluted and difficult time through the waiting process.

Other than the UNHCR and the Geneva Convention, the international community must be able to create another convention in which focuses to the immediate answer to the needs of the refugees.

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