United Nations as a Failure

The seed of the idea for a new postwar organisation was planted by President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the Atlantic Charter of August 14,1941.On January 1,1942 with the united states now in the war, twenty six nations subscribed to a Declaration by United Nations that reaffirmed the principles of the Atlantic Charter. This declaration established the United Nations military alliance, to which twenty one other nations subsequently adhered, each agreeing to employ its full resources against the Axis, to cooperate with one another and to make a separate peace.On april 25th 1945 forty-six nations represented a UN conference with also four new members Argentina,Denmark,Ukraine,Byelorussia accepted the charter.

These fifty members originally represented the orignal members of United Nations.The completed Charter was singned on June 26,1945 by the delegates of fifty nations.On july 28th, 1945 ,the senate of the united states approved the Charter of the United Nations by a vote of 89 to 2. Last but not the least the United Nations CAme into BEing on October 24,1945,since established as united nations day.With all Fifty one members First General Assembly was held on January 10, 1946 the same day United Nations began to function.

2. MOTIVE:it is an established part of the international scene and an important arena for international politics. the national interest of the states and frequently well-being of individuals are affected by what goes on in there. the united nations and its family of related agencies is a vast extension of the 19th century effort to come to terms politically with a technologically shrinking ,techonologically endangered world.i believe united nations is not the same as it was forty years ago, and further change is certain in the decades to come.if national leaders and peoples cultivate what Secretary General U Thant once called the “common interests based on our habitation of the same planet.\