United Arab Emirates

* Product: good and services that produced to satisfy the cutomers * Price: the value of the product * Place: distribution or where the product can be found * Promotion: strategy in intruduce the product then sell it. The product not always new and the price is lower that the original. * Franchise:buying the authority, brand, the right sell the product * Skimming:set the high price at the first time to get high profit and then the price will decrease because there are many new product, and the company build new brand office to decrease the delivery cost.

This strategy is implemented for the product that easy to decline such as electronic products. * Penetration: set the low price at the first time to penetrate the market and introduce our product. * Commercialization: introduce the product trhough the internet such as FB, Yahoo. And Google and the product is new. * Product development: determine what kind of product to develope by thinking and analysing * Introduction: product already existed and the owner introduce the product into the market. * Growth: increase profits and popularity.

* Maturity: the time that needs to create a new product or inovation of its product and the price is going slow down. The sellers give discount such as buy 1 get 1. * Decline: tyhe product is no longer exist in the market, the customers do not interesting to the product. * Promotioning price: the price of product is lower than original product what is marketing forces Forces problem for the company to sell the product in one country such as in somalia. The problem can be caused bey the fallows: * Political Forces: when the goverment is not stable and then so many coruption in that country. Example in somalia.

* Legal and Regulatory: we can not sell unexceptable product in ather country who will not allow us to sell it because of the regulations. Such as sell Vodca alcoholic, pork (babi), rice wine in indonesia, malaysia, and United Arab Emirates. * Societal Forces: when the people do not buy the product because it againts the culture in that sicieties. Even the goverment allows to sell the products. * Consumer movement forces: goverment agencies protect the consumer from the harm product. Such as Federal Drug Adrministration, they create the regulations and check the product whether the product are safe to be consumed.

* Economic forces: * Technological forces: technology becomes a treatment for traditional market because onlu few people know our product. What is marketing and selling: * Marketing is an activity to create or make a new product in order to satisfy the customers needs and whants and get a profits. The customers can not buy the product, they only determine what kind of product, how much the price, where is the place, and strategy promotion. * Selling is an avtivity to delivery the product’s value to the customers, so the customers can buy the product and sevices and get the value of the products.

Common selling techniques * Direct selling – selesperson * Retail selling – trhough a shop * Agency selling – on behalf of the supplier * Telesales – telephone without face to face * Door to door selling – visit the customer’s home * Business to business selling – selling to other business * Business to goverment selling – business develope solutions and sell to goverment agencies and departments * Mail order selling – customers buy directly from cataloge without seeing the product firsthand * Online selling – products and services are sold directly on the internet Market infromation update.

Whay the business needs to update the informations? * They want to know what the customers’ need and want and to know a development their product. Strategy in marketing mix and knowing the new trands. Product development * Franchise buying the brand and we can use it, but we are an owner of the company, we only sell of the product. * Aquisition buying the entire of company including brands, company, building, etc. We become an owner of that company.