Unite group

The Company Unite Group was founded by Nicholas Porter in 1991. Due to the Increasing number of students Nicholas Porter saw this as an opportunity to come up with money based student accommodation. It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2000. (Unite Group, 2012)

It is one of the UK’s leading operators and its purpose is to build student accommodation with all the facilities, high quality and safe accommodations with transport and amenities close to university campuses. (Unite Group, 2012) Unite Group Plc. and Connaught Plc. came together as a joint venture in 2009 called UCS or Unite Connaught Services which is now known as the UNITES Student Accommodation Company.

(Wikipedia) It does a lot of research in finding out student requirements i.e. to have smart, secure homes with great facilities in great locations (Unite Group, 2012) Unite group is worth an estimated £1.081 billion and generates its income from properties throughout United Kingdom. (Unite Group, 2012) “Unite group mission is to deliver the best accommodation experience for students, with passion and pride”.

Their rents are inclusive of all bills such as insurance, heating, electricity and broadband internet. (Unite Group, 2012) Unite group main competitor are Berkeley group holdings PLC, Balfour Beatty PLC and Barratt Developments PLC. (Hoovers, 2012) CSR & CSR analysis

Charitable Donations and FundraisingUnite group is supporting small charitable causes which supports integrating of students within local communities and those who help in the process of widening the access to higher education. This was implemented for university students around the world to make a difference in their communities, while developing their skills to become socially responsible business leaders. (Hoovers, 2012)

UNITE group, the UK’s leading developer and manager of student accommodation, has launched a charitable trust, the UNITE Foundation. (Unite Group, 2012)

UNITE staff are encouraged to pursue fundraising activity which may benefit their own personal reasons to provide charity; they as well provide £250 to each individual to make a difference in their communities. Till date, UNITEhas contributed £40,000 for charities across the UK. (Unite Group, 2012)

Employee welfare and developmentUnite group has one employee forum where in they elect a representative to engage with the senior management and discuss the issue of concern and interest. Unite group also looks in to Training and Development courses and programmes which focusses on technical skills and organization proficiencies. In addition the unite group also runs annual employee engagement survey and uses this data to drive additional changes across the business.

Unite group also provides multiple benefits and services to ensure the employees are productive and well-motivated at work and are able to achieve a healthy work and life balance. Unite group was certified as Britain’s Top Employer 2012 and recognized the fifth time as a top employer ,with a very high rank in the area of company culture. (Unite Group,2012) Environmental impact and energy use

Unite is committed to effective environmental management and takes responsibility for sustainable living As a major user of utilities with over 130 buildings, Unite measures and manages emissions by following the principles set out by the Green House Gas Protocol.

They as well invested more than £2 million aiming to improve energy efficiency Unite’s new development was to utilise diverse technology to reduce carbon emissions per bed which they did by setting up biomass boilers with which they combined heat and energy to generate electricity on site and use it as well for providing hot water to the students. (Unite Group, 2012)

Community impact and involvementUnite focuses on building strong relationship with local communities which includes Emergency services where by regular meetings and practices are held to minimise the impact of daily site operations which includes calls to police, reducing fire alarms and calling for ambulance It as well has good connections with local authorities and local business across to ensure that Unite and the students make a positive contribution to the local communit.

Finally the Unite builds strong relations with the planning authorities whereby they accomplish the construction process in line with sustainabilityand noise reduction principles by using BREEAM assessments. (Unite Group, 2012)

P.E.S.T.L AnalysisPolitical /Legal FactorsGovernment has developed new way of measuring student migrations and has taken a vow to cut off the annual net migration. This move may affect UNITE as it means less number of students coming in to the country hence leading to lower occupancy rates. For E.g.: In 2009, 500 colleges lost their licences to bring in foreign non-EU students, some of these because they chose not to apply to become part of a new system of monitoring students coming in to the UK.

(BBC, 2012) Political Stability: Government has taken initiative and injected £37bn for taxpayer’s money into the troubled banks. Their main aim is to protect the small businesses, homeowners and savers from uncertainty and instability and will be the “rock of stability” (Independent, 2008) Privacy Policy: Unite group protects the privacy on-line on the internet website www.UNITE-Group.co.uk.It takes all the security measures to protect personal data from being misused or altered. (Unite Group, 2012)

Health and safety for employers and cosumers: Unites policy is to provide healthy working conditions, equipment and provide training and supervision when they require. All students are given training regarding fie and accidental procedures. (Unite Group, 2012) Social factors:

Demographic factor: The number of applicants for university had dropped by over 6 % which included applicants from abroad and UK based students. This was due to rise in soaring fee structures. Unite group would be effected as they will face low number of admissions into the university accommodations. (Guardian, 2012) Technological Factors:

Industry standards regarding products and processes: The financial Performance in the business for unite was due to improvements in customer service .They enhanced their online booking systems, IT network flexibility, increased the speed of browsing the website by using improved technology.

Unite benefited with easy cash flows and good relation between the university partners. (Unite Group, 2012) Environmental factors: Unite is using sustainable products which reduces noise pollution and conserves energy through improved insulations. Unite encourages use of sustainable sources form building materials to furnishing. (Unite Group, 2012) Conclusion