Unit 4222-201.4

OUTCOME 4.1 Confidentiality is not about keeping secrets , it is about protecting an individual’s right to privacy. My duty is to keep personal info about patient and his family private and only share this info with those who have right to know or when a family member of patient give the permission to share.

OUTCOME 4.2 Information can be shared with my work colleagues only talking in areas that i can not be overheard by non-staff members. Never reveal confidential information about one patient to another one.Store written records about patient in locked cupboards or cabinets and make sure i put them back in the correct place after using them. Use a secure password to access computers that contain confidential info.

OUTCOME 4.3 There are situations when i have to reveal what i have been told,when: What i have been told suggests that a patient may be at risk of harm, information that can be used to protect another person from harm or when a court or a statutory organisation,suchas OFSTED,asks for specific information about a patient.

OUTCOME 4.4 It is best to treat everything i learn about patient in my workplace as confidential info, it is advisable to check with my supervisor before i pass on confidential information. It is always best to tell my supervisor if i receive any info that concerns me.If someone wants to tell me something “in confidence”, i should say that i may not be able to keep the information to myself because part of my job involves safeguarding patient’s welfare.It is then up to the person to decide whether to tell me or not.