To Understand Economy Scientificlly

A Scientific Understanding of Modern Economics T IA N G uo qiang ( 11 S chool of Economics , Shanghai Univer sity of Finance and E conomics , Shanghai 200433, China; 2 I nstitute f or A dvanced Resear ch, Shanghai Univ ers ity of Finance and Economics , Shanghai 200433, China) 1 Abstract: T his paper discusses t he ro le of mo dern econom ics in China. s refor m and explor es the implicatio n and sig nif icance of t he int er nal log ic analy t ical method of economic the o ries1 It brief ly int roduces that the success of China. s g radual r ef orm can be at t ribut ed t o the sat isf ication of part icipat ion const raint and incent ive co mpat ibilit y const raint, w hich leads t o a desirable handling of t he dynamic r elat ionship amo ng refor m, developm ent and stability1.

T hen it int ro duces t he basic analyt ical f ramewo rk of m odern econom ics, namely def ining econom ic env ir onm ent , set t ing behavio ral assumptions, giving inst it ut io nal arrangement s, choosing equilibrium out comes, and conduct ing evaluat ion and comparison1 A m ast er y of the int ernal logic analy t ical m et hod and t he five basic steps of m odern econo mics w ill cont ribut e to a bet ter scientif ic understanding of modern economics1 Key words: modern economics; China. s ref orm ; basic analyt ical fr am ew or k ( ???? : ?? ) ( ??? 9 ? )

Capital Expansion and the Formation of Human -nature Community: Contemporary Form of Ecological Contradiction LU Pin yue ( Res ear ch Center f or Economic P hiloso p hy , Shanghai Univer sity of Finance and Economics, Shanghai 200433, China) Abstract: Shallow ecolog ical v iew cent ring on human int erests is gradually being re placed by deep eco logical view cent ring on t he inher ent value o f nat ure1.

Deep ecolo gical v iew ex plains t he int rinsic value of natural things f rom t he ang le o f int ernal relat ion of naure, w hich ex presses hist orical pr ogress, but its advo cacy of intrinsic value of nat ural t hings show s t he limitat ion o f m et aphysics1 In f act , w ith t he dev elo pm ent of human practice, the nat ur e increasing ly beco mes t he inorg anic body of hum an beings, and a deep int rinsic rela t ionship bet w een human beings and nat ure fr om t he ang le of benefit , t rut h, g oodness and beaut y has been creat ed, leading t o human nat ure com munit y1.

T he co lonizat ion of nat ure by capit al expansion f undam ent ally enhances hum an. s dom inion over nat ure; on the ot her hand, thro ug h hum an nat ure com munit y it result s in the deep co lonizat ion of hum an beings and hu m an developm ent crisis1 T he im plement at ion of people orient ed out look o f scient ific develop m ent is a f undam ent al w ay out of t he crisis1 Key words: capit al; deep eco logy ; hum an nat ure comm unity ; outlo ok of scient if ic de v elo pm ent ( ???? : ?? ).