The U. S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest ranking judicial body in the country today. Its primary responsibility is to ensure equality in terms of justice for all individuals living in the United States and governed by the US Constitution as practiced by the various courthouses in the country.

While the Supreme Court in the United States has been included in various topics discussed in various fields of studies such as public administration and political science, there remains a number of different points-of-view with regards to the scope and function of the US Supreme Court in society.

As such, this paper aims to provide information with regards to the function of the US Supreme Court and its role in the political life in the United States.

The paper would also provide an overview of the history and the various obligations that the US Supreme Court is expected to follow and practice as mentioned in the constitution. Finally, the paper would also present the various myths conceptualized by the vast majority in terms of the function of the US Supreme Court in order to provide clarification in relation to these myths.