U.S. Military Navy

U. S military is divided into various branches, and all these branches have common aim, mainly providing security among other benefits. These branches include: U. S Navy, U. S Army, U. S Air force. This paper has identified and analyzed the Navy, where i have discussed its benefits to individual Americans, the American society, and the relationship which it has enhanced between U. S and Bahrain, the benefits of the U. S Navy in Bahrain, and the measures that are necessary to maintain and strengthen the relationship. Purpose

The analysis of the benefits and relationship will help in determining the strength of the relation between the two countries and how the strength can be maintained. Problem Statement The U. S Military Navy has been of great benefits in America and Bahrain. These benefits are not limited to physical security , rather they include educational and financial benefits among others. Literature review The U. S Navy Host many Departments and bases in U. S and one In Bahrain. Many Military participants, and the Americans, consider the U.

S Military service and specifically the American Navy to be of great benefits to both America, and Bahrain Citizens. The benefits extend beyond physical security, to financial benefits, and improved lifestyle among other. These benefits are enjoyed by the two countries, a factor that has established a relationship between the two countries. (Katzman, 2005). Scope and analysis Benefits in America Job security The Navy has a wide range of benefit to individual who join the navy, as a well as the entire American society.

When an individual joins the navy, he/she is entitled to secure the job. Unlike other jobs which one can be employed today and be fired tomorrow or the next minute, the navy job has security and this is one of the benefit, that the employees enjoy. (Kiland, 2006). Care The Navy works life a family. The family not only cares for the individuals in the Navy base, but also the Dependants of the individual. The Navy provides the community of individuals who are close and supports each other. The housing in military is unique.

The Navy family ensures each individual. (Jentleson et al. 1997). In the Navy as well as their family has medical and housing car, thus improving the living standards. One gets a chance to choose between residing in the base, or gets a housing allowance that enables the individual to leave outside the base. The medical care is usually set at a low cost which makes it affordable. The family security can be easily enhanced by buying life insurance. The United States Navy plays role in defensive and foreign policies.

In defensive policy, the Navy is able to apply force into worlds littoral regions. The United States Military Navy, has been providing financial support to various organization of individuals especially the disabled in both United States, and Bahrain. (Global Security, 2008)Although many people consider the disabled people from a perspective of what they are unable to do, the Navy enhances its commitment in American-Bahrain relation by considering the disabled from their able aspects.

They neglect what the disabled is unable to do, but praise and magnify the little that they can do. The Navy encourages establishment of organization for the disabled to ensure that all the disabled individual can stand over the society’s neglect and unite with fellow colleagues . With such organizations, they can easily get assistance where financially, or materially which can help them improve their living standards. For those individuals who retire from the service, the Navy has retirement benefit for them.

This ensures that the individuals not only benefit during their service work, but ensures that the individuals lead a better life even after retirement. This has improved the living standards of the military Navy, and has facilitated in providing financial security longer after the period of commitment to other peoples security. The United States Military Navy base is one of the major educational and training center. The individual who intend to become the navy members undergoes a training and education session which equips the individuals with adequate knowledge and skills.

Although some of these individuals may not have had a chance to get training in any occupation or career field. The navy base offers an opportunity for such individuals, who automatically secure jobs after success in their training. This creates hope in lives of many individuals who may not have had any other opportunity in other careers either due to lack of finances to facilitate training or because of the increased unemployment.

The United States Navy has various jobs for almost all people. The Navy base are known of the education program mes which they offer in various fields. (Bahmanyar & Michael, 2005). Many people think that the Navy base is usually a home for the trained navy and trainees in military field only, but the reality is that any enlisting recruits can also pursue career in electronics, submarine warfare, navigation communication and radar tracking among other many United States Navy specialties.

Apart from the Navy dominance in the seas, it has a number of other branches which are air based aviation which have helped the navy in search for crisis or other disaster that may involve injuring of individuals in such cases, the Navy, has rescued many crisis, and has also participated in delivery supplies to parts of the states or other foreign countries which may be in great need of the suppliers, but facing various hindrances when the country’s attempt to access the suppliers.

This is one of the factors that has enhanced continued relationship of Americans and Bahrain, because Bahrain is an ally of the States, and is an island. The United States Navy has a marine corps department which benefits the American society in transportation training and carrying out of other logistic duties. A part from these, the major role of the United States Military Navy is to protect the country against rivals, a role that the Navy performs using arms. All the American armed conflicts have involved the marine corps.

Benefits in Bahrain The American military had benefited Bahrain with physical security, financial benefits and has enabled improved living standards. The maintenance of security in the limiting of terrorist attacks and transportation of weapons and personal across the sea, has provided Bahrain with security. Bahrain has benefited financially from the support the country got from United States, in development of oil industry. This has made Bahrain to make development steps in the economy, and the living standards of the Bahrain citizens.

(Cordesman, 1997). Relationship between Bahrain and United States The location of a United States Navy base in Bahrain has promoted the relationship between the two countries. The military in both countries have sufficient arms and weapons, and the general economy of the two countries has continuously supported of the relationship between the two countries. The relationship of Bahrain with United States Military began with the stationing of three United States Military naval warship in Bahrain back in 1949. ( CIA Fact book , 2002).

The relation facilitate the access of middle East by the United States Military, especially at the times of crisis, a factor that has increase presence of the United States Military in the country. United States Military intervened the operation desert storm crisis and the Arab-Israelis war through Bahrain, and to ensure sufficient and successful operation, Bahrain was made the United States Navy’s 5th fleet headquarters. (U. S. 5th Fleet Public Affairs, 2006). The plenty arms and weapons that equips the Bahrain’s military is usually supplied by the United States.

This has influenced largely by the delay in the attainment of democracy in Bahrain. The relationship has been maintained to ensure that the United States benefits economically from the income made from the sales of the arms and missile. Apart from the financial benefit, United Sates has been relying of Bahrain to test the technologically made weapons. In 2002, the administration of Washington mode an announcement which designated Bahrain as a non – NATO ally. This was backed up by the various gifts which United States offered the country.

The gifts included, seventeen cobra attack helicopter, six was pods, intercept Aerial guided missiles. (US Military, 2007). The Bahrain’s improvement on human rights in 2001 made the sales link between the two countries more strong, and development of United States Military Navy 5th fleet base, which made the hosting country to be specially considered by the United States in matters related to sales of arms. Economic Relationship In 1932, the United States made an economic tie with Bahrain which has increased steadily from that time.

The tie was initiated by the Americans who helped Bahrain to develop oil industry. Bahrain developed as a response to the industry development and created opportunities for the many Americans firms, and banks to base their regional operations in the country. The tie has enabled United States to make great exports to Bahrain, which has greatly influenced the economic development of the United States. (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, 2007). The relationship between the two countries has enhanced the evolution of Bahrain, from a busting Gulf state, to an international banking and subsequent center for businesses.

The country’s city is one of the cities with most modernized shopping centers, and hotel facilities which has enhanced international operations and relations of the country, America and other countries in the world. Diplomatic relations were established to formalize the relationship between Bahrain and United States after the late independence of Bahrain. This was marked by opening of ambassador in the two countries, and this has enhanced a continuous relationship between the two countries.

The United State in conjunction with Bahrain have conducted a maritime security operations which has facilitated strengthening of maritime environment’s stability and security. The operations targets at providing anti terrorism and security programmes to the regional nations. The operation restricts the use of maritime environment by the international terrorists, either as transportation route of terrorists materials, weapons, and personnel or a venue to host the terrorist attack. How to maintain the services and strengthen the relationship.

Bahrain is emphasizing banking and other services with the hope of diversifying it’s economy. With the improved banking services more people as well as firms in United States are likely to utilize the services, and this is likely to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the two countries and subsequent economic growth. The free trade agreement which was signed by the two countries, should ensure that the trade of both industrial and consumer goods is duty free to increase the trade rate.

High trade rate enhances free movement of goods and services across the border, strengthening the relationship between the two countries. A sustained anti-terrorism cooperation between the two countries is likely to strengthen their relationship. The two countries are allies and both fight terrorism. (U. S. Navy, 2006). If a Bahrain can cooperate and block the terrorists ability to access finances from its banks, the cooperation is likely to strengthen the existing relationship, because it’s a common interest o both countries.

Continued exportation of military weapons and arms from United States to Bahrain can effectively enhance continued relationship between two countries. This is because the two countries benefit, United States earns income, and get a region to test their new technologically trade weapons while Bahrain military is equipped with a pool of the weapons from United States. Feasibility The information in the paper was got from literature review, interview and questionnaire of some American individuals, and retired Navy militaries, who helped justify that the U.

S Navy many benefits to people and the countries. Methodology Research involved Citizens, and Navy including retired veterans . Data collection methods included literature, questionnaire, and interviews. Conclusion The U. S Navy has a lot of benefits to both America, and Bahrain Citizens. The two countries enjoys physical security benefits, financial benefits, and improved lifestyle, as well as the shared relationship which has been established by between the two countries as a result of the military services.

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