Typical police uniform

There are many different reasons why the characters wear the costumes that they wear. Trinity wears a black, shiny leather cat suit. This makes her appear almost super hero like, such as 'Catwoman' and is perhaps an early indication that she is on the side of good. She has a short practical haircut and wears black shoes. She is smartly dressed and very formal i.e. a professional. The shiny black colour contrasts with her skin; this draws attention to her face and allows us to see her expressions clearly. The cat suit lets us see all the action in the fight scenes and also her power when she is running on the rooftop.

Trinity is an opposite of the stereotypical woman. She plays an important role in the film from the beginning to the end and works along side Neo further on in the film. This shows equality between the sexes. The agents represent the stereotypical 'alien'. They all wear black suits. This gives the impression of them being important professionals and they are there on formal business. They wear sunglasses, which hide their eyes so in turn hide any emotion. The earpieces suggest that they are working together getting their orders form a place. They all look the same with nothing to separate one from the other.

The detectives wear the typical police uniform. They look worried when the agents come so it suggests they do not have as much authority as them, and they are not used to dealing with them, indicating the action taking place is unusual and of high importance. Each of the character's names has different meanings behind them. If the letters of Neo are rearranged, they spell one. This suggests he is 'the one'. This is also a religious term, the messiah, who has come to save the world.

Trinity's name also has a religious meaning behind it i.e. the holy trinity (father, son and holy spirit). This gives the idea she is on the side of good. Morpheus was thought to be the Roman God of dreams. This influences the idea that this world is all just a dream. The opening scene ends with an agent saying 'It has already begun.' This could mean the search on Neo but could also refer to the action that is taking place or the starting of the film. The normal detectives use very informal language e.g. 'ass' and 'crap'. The detective laughs before he says 'I think we can handle one little girl.' This shows he is human with normal emotions.

The agents are a lot more formal than the detectives, almost robotic. They seem to have no emotion e.g. when the agent says 'No, lieutenant, your men are already dead', he says it with no sign of any remorse or anger. This makes them look less human. Throughout the film, a wide variety of camera angles have been used. At the first fight, when Trinity jumps in the air to kick, 'bullet time' has been used. This allows the audience to see the kick from all angles. The unique camera technique helps to keep the viewer interested.

Later in the film, when Trinity is running from the police officers, motivated camera has been used. This makes her look strong and powerful because you can tell how fast she is running when the speed of the camera changes with her running speed. Alternate shots of her and the agent running are shown, creating suspense, as they seem equal in strength. When Trinity is on the stairs, she looks down and sees an agent. The camera then moves to a low angle shot of the agent. This makes the agent look powerful and important.

The scene ends with the camera at a high angle shot as the truck crushes the phone box. This shows the audience the power of the truck and the destruction that it caused. 'The Matrix' questions our idea of reality and gives the common negative view of the future with technologies that we created being out of our control. The opening scene appeals to its target audience, by having a powerful female lead and being packed with action, as well as successfully creating suspense through use of different camera techniques, interesting connotations and strong characters.