Type of Payment

Sainsbury's know that it is important to provide support to all their employees. Employees are encouraged to get involved in activities which will allow them to develop in their skills. Sainsbury's run a learning and development programme which helps graduates to develop their commercial and management skills. It is structured so that each graduates needs are met in some way. During graduate schemes, Sainsbury's promise to ensure they support an employee's transition from university to the world of work. Coaching and support is offered which includes a buddy, a management mentor and a line manager. Additionally, a member of the employee's division HR team will also support them throughout the scheme and their future career. 


Motivation of employees is very important in any business as it helps employees to perform better therefore leading to a higher productivity. Employees that feel unmotivated to work are unlikely to work as well as they could, are more likely to want to leave. This could lead to a competitor gaining an advantage over the business as the competitor may provide a more satisfactory working environment. Motivating staff is a hugely important factor as employees will feel happy in their work place, are likely to stay at their current work placement , their performance level will rise and this working environment is likely to attract potential new recruits. 

In order for Sainsbury's to operate a successful business, they must ensure that all of their employees are motivated and feel happy when they are working. Without some sort of motivation, Sainsbury's could suffer from poor performance from their employees and high staff turnover rates. Poor performance could seriously damage the successfulness of Sainsbury's as it can cause a loss in business and high staff turnover. This is extremely costly as Sainsbury's will lose money that they have invested in staff training and development, will face a loss of performance and disruption from the lack of staff and it will have to pay out money to recruit new people to fill vacant posts. 

Sainsbury's must therefore find a number of different ways to motivate their staff so that they stay in the business and perform to their highest ability possible. The different ways that Sainsbury's could motivate their staff includes a variety of financial and non-financial motivators. Sainsbury's could offer these types of motivators on top of or instead of their employee's basic pay. 

Financial Motivators 

Financial motivators are things offered to employees to help motivate them that are money orientated. The amount of money employees receive can affect their motivation at work and their performance. One of the main financial motivators that employees at Sainsbury's will receive is their wages. Sainsbury's must be able to provide a reasonable salary to their employees otherwise they could feel that they are working for nothing. Also, employees may feel that the competitors of Sainsbury's are offering a better wage for the same amount of work and are therefore more likely to leave. There are a number of different ways in which Sainsbury's can pay their employees wages and these include:

Type of Payment

This is payment per item that is produced that meets a defined standard. This will encourage employees to increase their productivity. Time Rate This is payment for the number of hours that are worked. This will encourage employees to work longer hours.

Commission This is an additional payment that is gained after reaching or exceeding a sales target. This will encourage employees to try and sell more products. 

Overtime This is an additional payment for employees that have worked over their normal working hours. This is often paid at a higher hourly rate for example, double time is twice the normal hourly rate. This will encourage employees to work longer hours and to work during hours that most people feel reluctant to do. 

Bonus Payments This is a special single payment that is given to employees that achieve a target. This aims to make employees work harder. Profit Sharin This is when a percentage of the company's profit is shared amongst the workers. This will encourage employees to work hard and to stay at Sainsbury's