Turkey: Should Be a Member of European Union?

Turkey has been trying to be a member of European Union for ages . In recent years, the progress has gained speed, and a great number of revisions has been done. Although some people think that whatever Turkey does, it will never become a full member, I think they are wrong because if Turkey does what it requires, it will be accepted to the Union, and I am one of those who support Turkey’s membership since I believe that Turkey should join the community because if it happens, Turkey will reach high living standarts and get new facilities.

Of course, some people still think that Turkey will not be able to join European Union because of the ıÜüdifferences in fundamental values and culture as Turkey is a Muslim country, and are anxious about that if it becomes a member of the Union, they can use their own identity. However, I believe that this fear is groundless since this problem can disappear if Turkey adapts the regulations without making any concession in their values, and this is possible, of course. The only problem can just be the process of being accustomed to these new regulations, but in time, it will be overcomed.

When Turkey becomes a member of the Union, European’s doors will be opened to Turkey, and this will develop the relationship between Turkey and the other member countries.In parallel with this, import and export between the countries will increase, and of course it will affect Turkey’s economy in a positive way. On the other hand, this process will have a really good impact on Turkey’s prestige as its economy will grow, and the relations will get better.

In terms of education, there will be lots of improvement in the process of adaption to the Union. Turkey will get the chance to reach the European’s education standarts, and the problems about education will be solved by both the supplied fund and the revisions. Also, with the exchange programme, while Turkish students will be able to study abroad, students from other countries will have the chance to study in Turkey, and thereby students will meet different cultures, different cities and different lifestyles,and this will create the harmony between people by destroying the clash of cultures.

With the opportunity of walking around freely in Europe, the difficulties about getting vise will be overcomed. People will go abroad freely, yet not only visiting but also living and working there will be enabled, and this will have a great influence on both Turkey and other European countires as European countries need dynamic and young population for their working fields, and Turkey has it. So, while Turkey finds some solutions about its unemployment issue, European countries will get the people they need.

When we consider all the reasons above, we see that if Turkey joins the Union, it will be profitable for both side since they need each other. While Turkey’s prestige increase as it will be an European country at last, by accepting Turkey, European Union will prove that this community is not a Christian club, and thus the relationship between Christians and Muslims will get better, and this is what lots of people want because of both commercial aspect and the desire for a peaceful world.