Treaty of Nations

Treaty of Nations Treaties are a formal written agreement between two entitites that have a conflic and it wants to be slove in the diplomatic way , there fenefits varies of what terms the agreement are base on. Very often treatiess are to be made for the good of a community as well menbers that are been afected by the conflict of the two partys. As history has show us, treaties can affect the situation of people dramatically and even determine the future generations of the disputed area. The treaty of Versailles or the first Nations treaties have one thing in common, it fail to create peace and as well the creation of a good and aquitable agreement .

At the end of world war one, the signing of the treaty of versailles on june 28 1919, proclamins that Germany had to formally claim full responsibility for iniciating the war as well pay heavy economic reparations. Germany itself was not included in the negotiations of the treaty and was force to shoose between continuing the war or agreen on the terms of the negociations, the humiliation of Germany had big consequences that would latter created what we know today as world war two.

First Nations treties wherent that different from the treaty of versaille ,whem the British came to the new world treaties were dictade for the purpuse of creating peace between the First Nations and the European setters, they establish alliances to help the flow of the trade goods betwen both communities, colonial interes and the advance of intern in the continent .

The departament of aboriginal affairs and northern develop Canada reported that the treaties put by the British goverment change with colonization of North America, there new purpuse was to make First Nations surrender there land in exchange of some benefits like resenves, anual payments and certain rights to hunt and fish. When Canada became a country the goverment decided to created new treaties that offten abuse the First Nations ,leaving them wih only two opptions , to surrender there land and status or suffer the terrible consequences . For both situations these treaties would lead to catrastophic events. One bigger tham the other but both mark the course of history as we now see it today.